Steam and nudity/censorship

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Steam and nudity/censorship

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to ask hows the current situation with Steam and sex/nudity in games, it seems Steam is been way more open these days, with Visual Novels getting official permission to put H-Scenes (outright porn scenes) patches out on Steam forums and such.

I am talking, of course, about the rather recent case with Manga Gamer: ... am/.116960

Not just Del-Segno, but Princess Evangile's expansion/fandisc (which releases tomorrow) will have similar feature.

I also saw that Planet Stronghold Colonial Defense new artwork will feature full nudity.

Does that mean things are looking good for Loren 2 and future titles regarding the issue? Are the days of problematic nudity (Loren 1 and SotW) gone?
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Re: Steam and nudity/censorship

Post by jack1974 »

Yes that shouldn't be a problem anymore :)
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