Installation problems - Win XP

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Installation problems - Win XP

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Hello. I'm new to your games, but a friend is helping me out and hooked me up with a beta test opportunity. I'm excited to get some experience testing and hopefully help out some. I installed the game on my computer yesterday but it came up with some errors. When I click the main QoT.exe file in the QoT-0.6.7-all folder is comes up with the error message "Could not execute E:\Program Files\QoT-0.6.7-all\lib\windows-i686\QoT.exe - Is it missing?" So, I go to the folder where the windows-i686 folder QoT.exe file actually is and it gives me this error "The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." I tried installing three times. My computer is handed down from one of my friends and may not be the most reliable aka that's where the problem might be. Any help on getting this to run is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Installation problems - Win XP

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Very likely an antivirus that it's preventing the game to start, or you're trying to run the game from inside the zip (with explorer it's not very clear).
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