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Re: What are you playing?

Post by jack1974 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:02 pm

Today finished The Last Of Us 2 and I really enjoyed it, however a couple of things I didn't like:
- the length (I think it was a bit too long, but maybe because I was eager to see what happened next in the story)
- I played in the level next to the easiest and it was fair, but some scenes like some big boss battles were a bit too much "guess what you need to do next" and sometimes it wasn't obvious
- no map/indications, that was the worst thing. A lot of times I was wandering around unsure where to go next. I think that was unnecessary, a simple indicator to at least the direction to go to proceed would have been better
- the ending left me with mixed feelings :mrgreen:
in the end I cannot say that I liked or not liked it. I wondered if Ellie or Abby would have died in the end, and none did. I was OK with sparing Abby's life in the end, but it felt a bit empty as it was. I'd have preferred some speech about something instead. The final ending scene was left open with the clear intention of a 3rd chapter, however I wonder if was necessary. I would have preferred an happy ending maybe, for once. There could have been still some scene hinting another game but at least ending the game with a happy Dina/Ellie scene would have been nice.
Anyway, overall liked it even if I agree that the first game story was better, but this is still a good game with many great moments.

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Re: What are you playing?

Post by Jaeger » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:15 pm

I played the first Last of Us because a code for the digital version was included with my console PS4. The story was better than I expected, but I honestly, didn't enjoy the game itself that much. There is something about modern AAA games where control is taken away from the player in favor of more realistic presentation. I like the Left Behind DLC more than the main game since it maintained story elements, while the combat scenarios was alleviated.

I recently finished KOTOR 2. I usually don't use mods that might greatly impact the game experience, but I made an exception ( used TSLRCM mod) due vanilla game being unfinished and buggy. Also, the screen would start tearing on a widescreen monitor so had to use Flawless Widescreen to make it playable. Oddly I enough, I didn't need to take such measures with KOTOR1, which a finished a month or two earlier.

I'm currently playing CrossCode. Personally, I find it quite challenging in terms of both puzzles and combat. Thankfully, the game has difficulty sliders (enemy damage, attack frequency, and puzzle timers) to make it more accessible to lesser skilled players.

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