Amber's official 1.0.1 release

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Re: Amber's official 1.0.1 release

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jack1974 wrote: Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:20 pm Ah lol I forgot, I'll do that. Meanwhile you can get it from itchio if you want (if you registered on my site will work, you can just download the demo and it will unlock):
Thank you! So, is your soon to be permanent new main direct hosting site? I believed I remembered you once mentioning that your current direct hosting is proving to be a costlier venture, and that you might relocate. :)
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Re: Amber's official 1.0.1 release

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Well it's not really much about cost, but practicity - with itchio I can use tools very similar to Steam, so I can upload with command line very easily, just the changed parts of the game. For example, if I change one line in a file and the file is 5kb, I upload 5kb - not 130mb again like when I'm hosting the game files myself. In the long run, and with 20+ games to keep updated, it's quite a change :lol:
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