Amber's shop improvement ideas

A fantasy crafting/dating sim
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Re: Amber's shop improvement ideas

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I really like the magic shop management, building or improving a building is one of my favorite types of games, and that fact you not only build it and you can also place which room where ever you want it. And it can be improved further and it's visually shown as well. Great idea and work making this part of the game and I hope we can see some more like this building management system like a castle, spaceship, etc. :D
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Re: Amber's shop improvement ideas

Post by jack1974 »

That part was fun for me too to design/code :) I think could be useful in future games. In PS2 we had planned a "colony building" part. However I don't want to mix too much genres (like sim+RPG). Anyway we'll see, but I liked doing it too.
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