Pros and cons of a game

A fantasy crafting/dating sim
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Re: Pros and cons of a game

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Thee Forsaken One wrote:
SimonStardust wrote:Overall the issue with the romance paths I have is not that they feel rushed, but rather not thoroughly thought-out.
Some comments on the particular routes. I had limited control over the endings and directions of the routes because I was taking over from a previous writer. All of the routes were largely set out (Although I did my best to modify them as best I could) and the CGs were already done.
This of course changes my view on the paths greatly. I didn't know that. Taking over from another writer is never easy, as well as writing with set CGs. Considering this I think you did the best possible job on writing the paths. ^^
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Re: Pros and cons of a game

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jack1974 wrote:
DarkWolf wrote: True I think this is mainly a problem of restricting writer to write a route in x number of scenes.
Aand if I allowed more scenes, other people would complain "why Cosmina/Reed have MORE scenes than the other routes!?".
Instead, Cosmina/Reed only gets by far the most text stuffed into the same number of scenes. :P
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