creativity is like breathing

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creativity is like breathing

Post by jack1974 »

I really liked the latest Oatmeal comic. The full thing is here:

below the key parts IMHO:

I really agree 100%. That's why whenever I can take breaks to do walks, or watch tv series, or do other creativity-relaxing activities. And when some of my writers are stuck, I suggest them to do the same. It really helps. Most of my game ideas came from this:
- Always Remember Me from seeing an episode of an old tv series (I don't even remember the name, wife was watching it)
- Loren Amazon Princess while reading a online comic of Red Sonja :mrgreen:
- Seasons Of The Wolf while taking a walk outside during Winter with -10°C and snow to feed some stray cats that live nearby our home
- Undead Lily after browsing some portfolio on deviantart website

and so on :)
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Re: creativity is like breathing

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I try to inhale forever! Will I blow up some day?
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