Vera Blanc and the Cursed Mummy -fan made -cross platform

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Vera Blanc and the Cursed Mummy -fan made -cross platform

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This visual novel is fan-made. The Vera Blanc and Brandon Mackey characters are the property of Winterwolves Games, and are used with permission.
Download is in the first post at -> No registration is required to download the PG release. :wink:

The adults only version is at the same site, but free registration is required to access that area. :roll:

In this story, paranormal private investigators Vera Blanc and her lover/partner Brandon Mackey are in Colorado, where they are asked by local law enforcement to assist in investigating a murder. In the course of the investigation, Brandon encounters a mummy (priestess) who had been removed from her temple in Africa. The mummy asks Brandon to return her to her temple. After investigating the murder, Vera and Brandon travel to England, where they learn the location of the mummy's temple. From there they travel to Africa to return the mummy.
There are three major endings, the ending you get depends on choices you make.
Playing time to see all endings is about 90 minutes (depending on reading speed and whether the save/load features are used.

System requirements: A web browser that is capable of playing HTML 5. This has been tested using several browsers on a PC running Windows 7. It should run on a MAC system using Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, and on a Linux system using Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers.

Known issues:
1. There are screen size and save/load misalignment issues with Internet Explorer 11. While the game is playable, I recommend you use another browser.
2. On a Linux system using Chrome, you might get a blank black screen. This can be fixed by telling Chrome to allow the game to set local data.
3. Depending on your browser and browser settings, save game information may disappear when you close your browser.

Note: Rapidly clicking to skip dialog may cause the visual novel to crash, or skip visuals.

This visual novel was originally written by me (fleet) using Visual Novelty. It was converted to HTML format by kexter.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to any real person is coincidental.

Terms of use:
By installing, you, the end user, agree to the following terms of this agreement:
The game author expressly disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, and accepts no responsibility for the quality or reliability of any of the games offered. He accepts no responsibility for any damages to you, your computer, or any other property, person, or corporation which results, directly or indirectly, from the downloading of, installation of, compilation of, and use of the game.
You are not authorized to upload this game to any other site for sharing without specific permission from the author.

Uncompress the compressed file using 7zip, winzip, winrar, or your favorite archiver. You may install the game in any folder on your hard drive.
To run the game, open the index.html file in a web browser.
Why? I like big ones, that's why.
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