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Re: Skills

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Just noticed that I referred to some things about skills I haven't shared so far. My how clumsy :oops: .
The current big picture plan is to give each character 6 individual skills. Roughly half offence and half support. The former basic attacks are included in that total as well, but will be full skills instead. Weapon skills will all be usable with both melee and ranged weapons, though with different ranges and some boost will only be available for one category or may have different effects.
In addition to these 6 active skills everyone has access to the stance skill. The available stances will be realized as boosts and aside from the basic ones will depend on the character as well. To change your stance in combat you simple select the stance skill and select the boost with the stance you want just like a regular skill.
Finally Saren/Elenor get an additional skill. To no ones surprise it's the Heal skill of course. Access to that skill is class independent.

As for boosts each skill will have between 6 and 12 boosts available. So between 49 and 98 boosts in total. Of course a lost of boosts will be more general in nature like making the skill faster and hit harder or hitting several targets. So I didn't just go insane right before your eyes. Since a character will only have somewhere around 35 boosts at level 20 there will hopefully some tough choices ahead.
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