moeno's Loren Fanfiction [UPD: 7/14]

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moeno's Loren Fanfiction [UPD: 7/14]

Post by moenochrome » Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:51 pm

I'm going to be posting all my Loren fanfiction here since I don't want to make dozens of threads. No fandom is truly a fandom without terrible fanfiction, after all.

Feel free to request a pairing, I've played Loren through and through so I think I can whip something up! I have three conditions, though: One, please send a word/sentence/idea prompt along with the pairing; two, I don't guarantee quality or quantity, I just guarantee something for the pairing; and three, I am not very good at NSFW content and will probably avoid that at any cost.
07/14: Amukiki/Elenor - 30 Prompts - 01. Defiant
ᴀᴍᴜᴋɪᴋɪ/ᴇʟᴇɴᴏʀ - 30 Prompts

A/N: I tend to root for the underdog. After noticing Amukiki was lost in the poll, I decided to tackle 30 prompts with him and Elenor. The prompts can be found here under 30-C.

01. Defiant:
The fresh lacerations that decorated his arm and that tore through his armor were injuries the gladiator regarded with some shame. Amukiki was strong—Aravorn’s strongest—but strength meant not only a good offense, but a good defense as well. That meant that the few scars he had on his body served as reminders of worthy opponents from his past, and being cut so deeply by some skeletons—no matter how great no numbers—was no honor to keep.

The gentle touch he suddenly felt on his shoulder was electrifying. There was only one person who would touch him like so, and only one reason she would touch him.

“…Heal yourself.” His tone was firm and decided as he tried to shake his arm out of her grasp.

He’s fought side by side with the healer long enough to know that she habitually ran around after every battle in order to heal up all those involved. After today’s fight, he knew Elenor wouldn’t have the energy to spare for herself. She resorted to conventional methods when she couldn’t summon forth the energy, and his injuries did not deserve more attention than the long gashes that were peppered along her body--they were sure to leave scars also.

“No.” Her tone was almost childish. The grip she maintained on his arm did not relent, and the sudden white glow summoned by her palms made Amukiki almost jerk away.

A myriad of emotions took hold of him, leaving his mind in a tumult. He was thankful, but furious. His disquietude confused him—what was there to be angry about? Shouldn’t he be happy that no such scars would taint his body? Perhaps he was angry that she healed him in ignorance without knowing the significance of scars in his culture. Or maybe he was angry because of her scar. He had been the one guarding her when the skeleton managed to press its blade against her skin. She was always quick to challenge him and his capabilities, yet she never held any of his mistakes during battle against him. Was he angry, then, because he failed to prevent the scar being inflicted upon her in the first place?

The elf pulled her hands away when the deed was done and addressed his frown with a lazy look and a dry comment, “…Your welcome.”

A pang of guilt hits him, but he only managed to soften his expression before she walked away.

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Re: moeno's Loren Fanfiction [UPD: 7/14]

Post by angelgidget » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:32 am

Request: Saren/Loren, Loren finds him visiting his old mistress's grave and/or after the scene in which she cannot find him among the crowd of other men.

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Re: moeno's Loren Fanfiction [UPD: 7/14]

Post by Aleema » Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:22 am

I liked that.

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