UI Suggestions

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UI Suggestions

Post by Lonestar51 »

While playing PS1, I thought about what could be changed. For PS1 it is too late, but maybe we can keep it in mind for PS2 (assuming much of the game is similar...)

1) Sorting weapons and armor. This is about both the armory and the crafting screen. Right now I get swamped with lots and lots of weapons, only a few of which make any sense at all. Most can either not be used by the specific char, or are vastly inferior. I would like to have buttons for
  • removing items not useable by the char (only from the display, of course)
  • not displaying vastly inferior items than what is worn. Slightly inferior items might make sense, like an armor which is weaker overall but stronger against psi - and the next fight is against psi-user. If not possible, than please give a possibility to turn junk into scrap (or just to throw them away. Some items only clutter the list) Edit just found out how to destroy things on PS1... :oops:
  • not showing items to be crafted I cannot afford
  • Sort the list by either cost in scrap, max damage per shot, overall damage, damage type etc.
2) I am not sure if the items to be crafted are randomly generated or have predefined values. Anyway, some of the cost values are not matching their performance, where a cheap armor easily outperforms an armor of double the cost. Maybe it would be possible in PS2 to make the cost for crafted items calculated like (weapon) Max damage * Fire rate * (f1 + crit% * f2 + damage type modifier) where f1 and f2 are factors to be determined during playtesting. The result might be rounded to 50, and/or get a little bit of randomness for flavor. That way the cost would feel more in line with the usefulness.

3) When I am deciding to take a weapon or armor, show the char's relevant stat (like energy weapons skill) while looking at the item. Maybe I am missing just a few points, in which case I go training and come back, or maybe I am missing 50 points which takes like forever to make.

Maybe I will add something to the thread if it occurs to me later. While not strictly necessary, the items on the list would make the game be smother.
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Re: UI Suggestions

Post by jack1974 »

The inventory and items will work very differently (not sure yet about randomized items but why not, they seem to work rather well on SOTW), and Anima (who's doing also a good amount of the game design on that game, beside the coding) had already sent me some mockups for the inventory/team selection/management screens, will be much simpler to use and more user friendly :)
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