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Boxing management simulation game
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Post by Ken_Goding » Fri Mar 30, 2007 4:55 am

Well I finally finished a career. *sniff* Is there life after boxing?

Anyway, the way it ended was definitely a letdown. Tells me I'm retiring and then sends me back to the main screen, you gotta do more than that man! Anyway, here's my save from the month before in case you want to tinker around, and no fair making the game harder because I still have great boxers!

I think the retirement bug is because none of the other boxers ever age, I'm pretty sure they stay the same age forever, although I haven't specifically tested that to prove it.

You're gonna have to change the ranking system a bit. Once I reach champion my guy usually fights the same 5 guys for the rest of his career, that's pretty boring. When someone loses they're gonna need to be sent down a ways, or at least refused another title shot for a good while.

I had a thought... let anyone in the top 10 be able to challenge for the title, but add some politics. The simulator might say no, it might say yes any particular time, like the sanctioning bodies do in real life (and no one can figure out their system). If you've asked once and been told no you'd best not ask again for a while either! We could also have eliminator bouts like they do in real life. #3 and #7 fight and the winner gets the next title shot, but then #2 is a mandatory afterward.

In real life a few losses, particularly by KO can send a fighter to the scrap heap, he'll have to work his way back up and might never get another title shot. Maybe if a top 10 fighter loses twice he gets sent back into the 30s and has to fight his way back to the top, losing valuable time.

Much as I hate to say it, we should probably make it the top 15 fighters that can only fight a couple times a year, and we'd need some more purse increases for those top guys.

Thinking of sanctioning bodies, we ought to have a name for the belts, even if it's the UBM welterweight championship, just so it sounds nice.

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Post by jack1974 » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:07 pm

I plan to add the belts, with gfx and maybe new voiceovers whenever you win the title. You can be sure of that.
About the huge position loss, could be a good idea to "shuffle" the top positions. I'll try to find a way to change the boxers that stays on top more, I believe what you say since you probably played the game more than myself! :shock:

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Post by Ken_Goding » Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:42 pm

So I started a new career because I'm too addicted... in the low ranks I'm seeing higher hit percentages because they're slower. Makes for much more exciting fights. We might need some kind of tilt for the higher ranks so that they can hit each other a little more often - maybe if the speed average is above 50 the amount it matters drops down to 20 from the 30 you have now? However, the KO rates are good in the higher ranks because they hit so much harder, I'm not sure how to not wreak that, we'd be seeing lots of 4 round KOs.

It's fun to put a strong boxer up against a fast boxer. :lol:

I think it would be cool if boxers had some memory in a rematch. If one got brutally knocked out last time, depending on his makeup he wouldn't fight very well because he's scared, or he might give an extra good effort, it would be cool to see the results.

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