"Tough decisions" in a RPG

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There should be decisions that cause permadeath of a character (or more) on a RPG?

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Re: "Tough decisions" in a RPG

Post by MarSel »

Oh no not the Aeris death! That's one way to end a love Triangle though :/
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Re: "Tough decisions" in a RPG

Post by jack1974 »

Lol I forgot to look at the poll though. It seems that most people are fine with a permadeath ! I suppose though most of them would prefer if there still was a way to save them all (as discussed before, even a hard one but possible).
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Re: "Tough decisions" in a RPG

Post by Sylrissa »

I do see that in the polls, and as people has said if it makes sense, and isn't just shoehorned in, I can understand it, but I'm going to refrain from commenting on this subject much more, since I've already made my opinion on the matter clear.
As long as I have a way to save everyone, go nuts.
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Re: "Tough decisions" in a RPG

Post by OasisTabe »

sometime a death of a character where the player really enjoy that character in there party should happen because that gives for great story telling..that moment..you already comment many hours in the rpg..you have a understand of your character..so you get idea..how your character should react to the death... i mean sometime a loss..well help you understand something..

over all..gives great story telling..with the emotions in a levels . mass effect 1 the cloning lab..picking ashely or kaiden . to stay.. gave a impact of saddness i feel to my character and my self.. then it came to me how i feel my sherped will grow from it..that she is doing a mission..she needs to get done ..cant let kaiden die in vain =D

anyhow i pick my vote thats all =D
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Re: "Tough decisions" in a RPG

Post by deathknight1728 »

The best answer to this is to see how well it goes with the story. In a game like Jade Empire, Sagacious Zu's death was excellent because it justified a purpose and made him out to be a martyr. It also allowed you to draw upon his strength at the last battle and for that I would say it made the game much better.

For you as a game designer, you have the choice to make excellent game decisions because of your ability to use good ideas. If someone was to make a truly excellent character death choice, I am of the belief that a permadeath of a npc that you care about/have friendship with would be excellent if a romance failed. It would be cool because it would be somewhat realistic and at the same time would have consequences that one would appreciate. Having a choice for romance is cool, but when that choice affects things like that it is much much more realistic and has a great purpose.

A good example of this is Anomen in Baldurs Gate 2. He seems like a nice guy normally but when something goes wrong, he becomes a nut and tries to hurt members of the party. So kind of like that, but more severe.
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