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Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:35 am
by Random1
Fraid there isn't one...but have you read the guide I wrote for it? I need to update because of his latest changes, but I give a lot of tips and tricks and good info on how to get through it. Once you're established everything is easier (like a lot of games really). Anyway, it's at ... /index.htm

Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 6:18 am
by jack1974
I'm thinking to make a trainer/editor for new update of UBM... since got some users complaining about the fact that they always go broke :lol:
Or at least a option menu where you can choose the difficulty.

Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 1:28 pm
by Random1
If you don't put your equipment and doctor up, you won't go broke. Just make sure that someone is fighting at least every other month until you build up a cash reserve. You MUST have two boxers before long however, one won't generate enough income.