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Month Bug--Purely cosmetic

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 4:34 am
by smartman
For some reason after the first year of the game, the month you are in and the month you schedule the fight aren't the same. The fight month ends up one month ahead of the current month (i.e. You are in July but the booking screen shows August). However, the purse money ends up in the correct (current month) so it doesn't screw up anything just a cosmetic issue.

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 7:40 am
by jack1974
Ah ok, thanks for reporting this, never noticed before! :oops:

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:27 am
by smartman
One thing I forgot to mention is that I think I had already tried to up their morale first on all 5 of the boxers. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. Also, it is the PC version.