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Yay! Can't wait to read the manual! In other news MDickie game's boxing game Reach proved to be a dissapointment, when I saw it come out I thought it was going to take time away from this diary. There's a lot of great innovative things about Reach but it's missing playability in the matches. MDickie's earlier games such as A Boxer's Story had in fact better matches. And we're off to the races...

Another month, another unmotivated android.

I scheduled a rematch against Fabula Tomislav to knock Rastislav Beno down to size who was still bragging about his K.O. This fight was going to be a 10 rounder and hopefully it would knock Beno down to size. I told Beno that in the old days K.O.'s had to be earned, you had to turn your hips, build up punching power, slip through your opponents guard. Beno basically threw an arm punch against an opponent whose head was straight up in the air and gave him the K.O.

Again, I wanted Beno to move and mix up the body and head punches.

First round worked great, both punches threw 11 punches but Beno threw 3 of them that landed. 10-9 Beno.

Second round, the punch count was about 9 for both boxers. Fabula managed to land two taps. 10-10. Could go either way whether the judges were scoring on ring generalship, effective agression. Fabula definately got the good clean punching.

Third round, Fabula landed 13 to Beno's seven. Fabula landed two taps, whereas Beno landed two power punches. Another 10-10.

Fourth round, another uneventul round with Fabula throwing 14 to Beno's 8. Both boxers landed a couple taps. 10-10. Already Beno's having doubts about his previous K.O. being luck.

Fifth round, Fabula throws 14 to 12. Both landing two taps. Another 10-10.

Sixth round, Fabula throws 13 to 8. Fabula lands two slaps. Beno lands a slap of his own that was equivalent to two of those slaps plus a third. However thanks to ring generalship Fabula gets the round 10-9.

Seventh round, Beno starts out looking like he'll finally beat Fabula in punch count however Fabula catches up in a flurry. 13 to 11 punches for Fabula. Both land two clean punches but again Beno's are more powerful. 10-10.

Eigth round, Beno lands some incredible power punches on Fabula. Fabula no sells the punches though and Fabula landed more. 11 to 5. Another 10-10.

Ninth round, Beno seems to be in total control. Fabula throws 13 to 9. But Beno connects 4 out of those 9 times. I tell Beno to go offensive just so we can be sure to have the fight in the bag. 10-9 Beno. This fight has been quite effective so far as Beno's fitness has recovered by a lot and Beno's morale has improved by a little. My score card going into the 10th is 89-88. Fabula's performance has detoriated every round. There was no way Beno was going to lose this fight.

Tenth round, Beno forgets how to throw punches. Fabula throws 13 punches right in succession. Beno throws one. I think Fabula might be able to pull off a draw. Beno however throws an incredible punch to an already devastated Fabula. The robot referee stops the fight and declares a T.K.O. win. Beno gets another undeserved K.O. on his record. This time though Beno realizes that he got lucky and after his performance in the tenth with a different referee would've resulted in him walking away with a draw.
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