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My student has learned well. I have one more trick that I'd share with you, but I don't want Celso to kill it off on me.

Enable private messaging! :P
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I just watched Mayweather versus DeLoya(I can't believe HBO gave it away on the basic service :shock: ).

That was a good example of ropes versus agility and speed.

The first few styles could just be the main important ones:

inside versus outside
pin against the ropes versus speed
hurt versus scoring points

Another interesting thing is that according to the tale of the tape Floyd Mayweather had a longer arm length even though Oscar De Loya has a longer wingspan.

So maybe three stats height, wingspan, and arm length(mesaured from the arm pit to end of the clenched fist). Everybody before the fight thought Oscar had the reach advantage, so maybe the wingspan can slightly mask a fighters true arm length.

And there might possibly be a new area to attack besides head and body, the arms and shoulder. Attacking the arms and shoulders would decrease the opponents defense and decrease their handspeed.

Because shots to the arms and shoulders are considered blocked shots they would all read as white blows.
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I like the idea of hitting also arms to decrease their swing speed, but would need more indicators I think - now there are 3: power, vitality and movement, there should be another like quickness.

BTW what is the wingspan ? sorry but I'm not natively english speaker so I don't know exactly what it means :oops:
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I believe that wingspan is fingertip to fingertip with arms straight out at your sides... whereas arm length is from the armpit to fingertips. So someone with a broad back would have a larger wingspan, twisting their torso would add to their length a little bit as they punch.
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