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A couple suggestions

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 11:16 am
by dsvw56
Well I just got this game and it is GREAT. By far the best boxing sim out there but I do have a few suggestions. I have only been playing this game a short while, so some of these things may occur and I just havn't seen them yet.

More purchasable items. Perhaps skill specific training items. (i.e. heavy bag, speed bag, sway bag, treadmill)

I'd like to see cornermen and cut men added. You would have to hire these and they'd take a cut of every purse. The corner man would be in charge of strategy. A better corner man and your fighter would follow your suggested round strategy more closely. The cut man would treat cuts and swelling between rounds. A better cut man and there would be less of a chance of the fight ending due to stoppage.

Being able to buy a larger "gym" which would then allow you to train more than 6 fighters. Perhaps 2 upgrades each adding 2 fighters to your stable. These would of course have a large purchasing price and then charge a monthly rate as well.

The ability to hold sparring matches between fighters in your stable. These would raise both fighters ability, but have a high injury rate.

When renewing contracts, you should be able to choose the terms of the contract.

Other managers could try to steal fighters from you. You would then be notified and you would have to make a counter offer in order to keep the fighter. Also, fighters with low morale would be less likely to stay with you regardless of how good of an offer you make them. Also, if a fighter has a low morale and/or loses several matches in a row, he should be able to fire you.

When challenging a fighter, they should be allowed to reject the offer, like when challenging a fighter that is like 7-10 rankings below you, or is clearly outmatched. Other managers should be looking out for their boxers too. :lol:

Also, other fighters should challenge you and you have the option to reject or accept the offer.

When challenging a fighter, you should be able to negotiate the purse splitting with the other manager. Usually a larger split of the total purse would go to the higher ranked boxer, but your negotiating skill would tie in to this.

There should be different fight venues and these should be determined by a fighters rank. Like fighters below rank 75 would fight in local gyms and top 10 fighters would fight in Vegas or at Madison Square Garden.

When you have a fighter ranked in the top 10 you should be able to negotiate Pay Per View contracts. An example of this would be like a 6 month contract in which you have to fight at least 2 top 10 matches. If you fail to meet the requirements, you'd have to pay some sort of penalty or perhaps your manager rating would go down.

Endorsments should have some sort of requirements. Maybe bonuses if you meet certain conditions. Like scoring two knockouts during the contract, fighting a certain number of fights, winning a certain percntage of your fights, or going undefeated.

Fighters should have a charisma/fame rating. High charisma fighters would draw bigger purses for their fights and fighters with a high KO rate would also draw bigger purses.

There should be a couple more options for fight strategies, such as Go for KO. If your boxer is way behind on points in the later rounds of a fight, you should have the option to go all out for a KO. He would totally disregard defense, thus leaving himself vulnerable to being knocked out as well. Also a Protect Cut/Injury option. If your fighter gets injured during a fight he could focus on defending that part of his body to prevent the fight from getting stopped. This would be different from the Defensive option in that your fighter could not regain any energy during the round.

That seems to be all I can think of for now. Back to playing and thanks for listening. :D

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 12:02 pm
by jack1974
Wow thanks. Lots of good suggestions here 8)
Currently I'm very busy releasing USM2 - otherwise some people could kill me (joking - but had them wait almost 2 years!).

But, once I release that, in first months of next year I want to do a big update of UBM, a sort of UBM Deluxe, so I'm collecting all the good suggestions people post here in forums, like yours!

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 2:50 am
by Ken_Goding
Wow, I like fresh ideas, all yours are different than mine! But there is a charisma/fame thing already built in... it's just for bigger endorsements.

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:46 am
by dsvw56
Ken_Goding wrote:Wow, I like fresh ideas, all yours are different than mine! But there is a charisma/fame thing already built in... it's just for bigger endorsements.
Yeah, I just realized that today, it's sort of hidden.

Another thing that I think needs to be added in is a fighters reach. And this would lead to two new fight strategies : Fight Inside and Fight Outside instead of just Offensive. Fighters with a longer reach than the other would be more successful by trying to fight outside, especially if the opponent is much stronger and if they are much faster than the opponent. Whereas fighters with a shorter reach would be much better off trying to work on their strength and fighting inside.

A couple neat things to add would be little qualities of a fighter. These would be similar to the Fighter Personality. A quality that a fighter has and cannot be changed. Things like a Chin rating. How succeptable a boxer is to being knocked down/out. Some boxers (Jake LaMotta comes to mind here) never get knocked down. This would of course come at a price. Generally fighters that never get knocked down take serious beatings if they are outmatched in a fight. Another thing would be a Guts rating. This would be a fighters ability to come back in the later rounds of a fight if he has taken a beating early on. Some fighters will give up after getting beat up on a little, while others will never quit.

When sheduling matches, I'd like to see other fighters already have a match scheduled for that month or fighters that have fought recently not being able to fight for a while.

You should be able to scout matches between other boxers. These would take up 2 of your match slots (I think this would simulate travel time) for a given month. You could only be able to scout one of the boxers in the match. Scouting a match would give you 1 additional known rating of a boxer and you'd also be able to see round by round what strategy the fighter used.

Oh, and adding to my idea about other managers trying to steal fighters from you, they could offer to buy them for their value. I just noticed this little stat today, and thats how it could actually be implemented in to game play.

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 11:25 am
by jack1974
Thanks... more great suggestions here :)
I like the idea of scouting, would add more strategy to the game since you can see what tactic is using your next opponent. Also is more realistic, that you can know exact statistics of opponent only if you go scouting him.

The special "feats" in the boxer personality also is interesting. I am thinking to add a set of "special skills", like perks in roleplay (if you play any you know what I mean).
That is, not a numeric value but just a on/off skill.
So we could have 2 boxer with about the same skill, but one of them could have some special feat "on", making him more valuable / hard to beat than the other.
Those feat maybe could stay hidden during the negotiation, so you actually can't just look at statistics to always buy the best boxer around ;)

(I know Ken Goding would be pissed with this new feature because he won't be able to have all top 99 boxers anymore LOL)

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 2:27 pm
by Ken_Goding
Well once you put the cap on for training without fighting I won't anyway. :D

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 3:53 pm
by jack1974
Heh yes true. But the introduction of those "feats" would be more exciting too, because you never know if the boxer you just bought has it or not. Maybe not even show it immediatly, but after some matches: like the manager could discover extra hidden skills of the boxers after some time he works with him.