Price Drop?

Boxing management simulation game
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Price Drop?

Post by Kaden101 »

I hate people who steal things (It bugs me when my friends use limewire) but in the case of this game maybe internet thieves are justified because anyone who buys this game for 25 bucks is being robbed. This game came out more than five years ago but it still holds on to its ridiculous 25 dollar price tag. I want to buy this game but why would I when I could buy 2 games of a higher quality than this on xbox live for less money? I think you should consider a 10 dollar price tag.

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Re: Price Drop?

Post by jack1974 »

Initially I didn't want to approve this post, but then I decided I had to give an explanation (I also sent you an email).
First saying that you can get two xbox games for lower price might be true: however that's because they're not indie games, but they come from big companies with big budgets that can afford to sell games a such low prices (because have more exposure).
Believe me if my games were on Steam, you could get them for lower price, because the higher exposure would let me to still make enough money even at lower price per unit. Unfortunately, Steam don't want my games :(

(you can try bugger them though, it never hurts!)

I've been thinking to do an update to this game, releasing a sequel with full 3d fights, and one day it might happen if enough people continue to support my efforts.
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