if I did a third and last game...

A series of games based on the Nameless God who relives the past moments of people that just died
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for a third and final game, what would you prefer?

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if I did a third and last game...

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Of course right now I'm not doing anything. It's just an idea. It won't happen next year since I'm already busy with other projects.
Anyway: I really want to have Evelyn again, probably in the third and last game of this series.
Do you think would be more fun to play as her, or have her as love interest with a new protagonist? Or it wouldn't matter (maybe as long as there's her haha :lol:).
I don't know yet all the details of the story but I was planning to make it happen many years in future, with Evelyn being an half-elf she can live many years, and maybe set it in Icesilia have cameos with Hazel, Vin, etc. Could be fun.
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