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A supernatural-themed dating sim
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story sample

Post by jack1974 »

I noticed from the comments in blog that people are really eager to play this game! So I wanted to share some texts from the "intro"... just to tease you :wink: The text is not proofread or edited :)
Darkness surrounds you, the chill of the night causing small clouds of mist to form with each exhalation of your deep, ragged breaths.

You take a moment to lean up against a streetlight to gather your breath, and collect your thoughts. Your eyes furtively look down the street, but for the moment all is calm.

You glance upward as you hear a slight sizzle, the smell of smoke filling your nostrils, and the lights go out.

Panic rises…then recedes as the lights return, dimmer than before. Then you hear something coming down from one end of the street. Shadows slowly appear, moving ever closer to you…when a faint sound filters into your ears…

You glance down at the other end of the street, and shadowy figures slowly come into sight. Your avenues of escape are suddenly cut off.

As the shadows advance, you see each streetlight give a final flicker, and then die, enveloping the street in encroaching darkness. You take a quick glance around, and see a small alley. You feel a surge of adrenaline as you sprint into it…only to see that it ends in a brick wall.

Your head whips around as the growls get ever closer, while the lights are all but gone. You press up against the brick wall, when you see a fire escape overhead, the rungs of its ladder just barely out of reach. Near the ground, there’s a window leading into a basement, and a space you just might be able to crawl into.

Climb Fire Escape
Break Window
I'm quite excited because while it's still a dating sim, it's really different from everything I've done so far. I think this game together with Undead Lily will be my most original games to date, regarding the setting 8)
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Re: story sample

Post by anita »

Wow, despite I'm not native English speaker, I must say it looks very good! Eager to play this game, art and writing are the best! :)
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Re: story sample

Post by Miakoda »

anita wrote:Wow, despite I'm not native English speaker, I must say it looks very good! Eager to play this game, art and writing are the best! :)
While not trying to give to much away, we hope it is interesting enough people will like it.
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Re: story sample

Post by BobTheMob »

So this will be a sorta psychological/survival Horror thing?

If so, count me in!! :twisted:
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