C14 Dating 0.9.6 beta !

An otome dating sim in the archeology world! https://www.winterwolves.com/c14dating.htm
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Re: C14 Dating 0.9.6 beta !

Post by Troyen »

Apparently the rightmost six boxes on the top two rows were flipped from what it should have been. But it's kind of hard to figure that out from the clues provided.
Also, after excavating the first part of the final object, it switches to a cave scene (music change, blank text box, and everything), but then nothing happens and it immediately goes back to the activity animations. Maybe there's a scene I'm missing because I'm on Joan's route?
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Re: C14 Dating 0.9.6 beta !

Post by jack1974 »

No that thing was reported previously too, but I don't think it's any missing scene. Players have been able to unlock all the galleries, so that might just be some "code left", but I wasn't able to find out where (I didn't code it and there are many scenes/combos) so I prefer to not touch it now since the game is ready :)
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Re: C14 Dating 0.9.6 beta !

Post by Oniyuri »

Oniyuri wrote:
Pace675 wrote:
Oh I know about the rollback trick I thank Jack for leaving that in the game or else I'd prolly burn out my SSD with all the reloads lol, it works like a charm for the lab part ^_^ but once you figure out the basics it is fairly simple and no rollback or scumming needed for that mini puzzle
But that cave one nuuuuuu me no likies lol and 15x15 even with skipping .... I just dont want to waste my time with that. I say no to soduku on crack lol.
Agreed, and yeah, I used that trick as well :) But there's a different one for the cave, though, and it does involve some extra effort.
I keep forgetting to post back, since I figured it's really not a big deal. Although calling it a "trick" now kind of feels... :oops:
  1. Try to keep your stress low so that you can have more hints per puzzle (this reduces the number of reloads you may need depending on the puzzle).
  2. Save the game at the beginning (or just before) the cave/excavation puzzle.
  3. Try and solve the puzzle up to the point that you can, and preferably keep track of the solution (either via pen and paper or a screenshot). Technically you can skip solving it altogether and go to the next step, but you may need to reload a lot in that case.
  4. Now for the remainder of the puzzle that is causing problems, use the hints until you run out. Take note of the solution up to that point (paper or screenshot).
  5. Reload the save game at the start of the puzzle, use the notes/screenshot to solve the puzzle up to the previous point.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 as needed.
So for instance if there are 5 rows (or columns) that are mind-boggling and you have 2 hints available, you may have to reload 2 times to finish the puzzle.

Well, I think it's also good to try and solve the puzzle again after using a hint or two, since sometimes you selected the appropriate column/row and can solve the puzzle from there. Anyway, I had to do this for the original trowel puzzle and the... hmm... let's call it the last puzzle.
Anyway, this may help if you get really stuck with a cave/excavation puzzle and can't proceed forward. And as I mentioned before it's not all that impressive and requires some minimal effort.

And if this is a no-good post, feel free to delete it... :)
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Re: C14 Dating 0.9.6 beta !

Post by Cerberusia »

I just bought the game, and I'm really enjoying it! I've done Joan's friendship and romance routes so far, and am now eyeing Henrik's. I'm a classicist rather than an archaeologist, so all my archaeological knowledge is a) superficial and b) completely the wrong time period, but I have several archaeologist friends, and I feel like I'm getting a little peek into their world! Though I hope they'd have more sense than to go on a dig in a foreign country without first learning some of the language...

I prefer the cave minigame to the lab one: I do those kinds of fill-in-the-squares puzzles for fun. That 'floral remains' one was bloody difficult, though! The unreliability of the lab one is a bit irritating, though at least it goes quickly.

A few SPAG errors:
Instances of 'begrudgingly' for 'grudgingly' - sorry, can't find the exact lines, but there were at least two.
'Treaded' when S is explaining the couche de merde should be 'trod'.
'Most of the kids clamored to the railing' - to 'clamour' (UK spelling - the US spelling is indeed 'clamor') is to shout, or to clamour to do something is to eagerly and probably loudly demand to do it. You don't clamour to a noun! 'Most of the kids rushed to the railing, chattering excitedly', perhaps?

And gameplay issues:
The 'Return' button from the save/load screen doesn't always work, apparently at random. Sometimes, it just doesn't act as a button, i.e. there's no mouseover response.
Henrik and Rosemarie teasing Melissa at the beginning of Week 5 about the Neanderthal ghost assumes that you spent the night in the lab building, even if you spent it at Joan and Chantal's - shouldn't that be acknowledged in the dialogue?
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