Today we commemorate a great victory.

The tale of the siblings Althea and Shea
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Today we commemorate a great victory.

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On this fine day one year ago, a beast most foul was put down and not seen again. Of all the opinions you may hold about this game, none would be stronger than what you would have felt about this vile concept if you knew about it. I say this myself being a passionate critic of the game.

So what is it? Chances are you weren't around. Allow me to theorize how such an abomination could even have been created. Let's say you combined 10 grams of every single hallucinogenic drug in the world, and washed the mixture down with a pint of pure alcohol, after having stayed awake for a week straight listening to a Dutch woman and a Danish man speaking tenderly, in their native tongues, to each other.

Imagine the mindset that would put you in.

Now let's say you have programming skills or at least a programmer slave, and you're like, dude, I've got this awesome idea that I gotta put in my game. I cannot describe the result any better than you can imagine it here.

2014-05-05, good riddance stat derivation. We knew ye all too well.
If at first try it doesn't explode, it ain't Jack who wrote the code.
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Re: Today we commemorate a great victory.

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Haha it didn't last long, after just 2 weeks of beta testing was obvious that it was a foolish idea :mrgreen:
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