To those who DIDN'T like the game...

The tale of the siblings Althea and Shea
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Re: To those who DIDN'T like the game...

Post by jack1974 »

Well this month was one year after the game was out (official release was 15th Nov 2014) and to be honest it didn't do too bad. But if I consider the crazy amount of time (and money) I invested on it, and I compare to Loren... there's really no match :lol:
So it's clear which direction I need to take in the future games, more romance/choices/branching and simplified RPG gameplay, which doesn't mean bad nor easy, but just easier to understand. Like having 3 inventory slot instead of 9, etc :)
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Re: To those who DIDN'T like the game...

Post by abnaxus »

I haven't played it yet - I must confess what turns me off are the protagonists.

I think sibling protagonists is a brilliant idea (perhaps the only(?) game with protagonists like that) but their look and nature (Elves!!) turns me off.

So basically I'm still on the fence but will get PS2 and Loren 2 immediately when they're out.
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