Act 2: Easy / Hard battles

The tale of the siblings Althea and Shea
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Re: Act 2: Easy / Hard battles

Post by jack1974 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:19 pm

I know but there are limits about what I can do :lol: and also I need to look at things in perspective: if a very small % of people complain about too easy/hard is one thing, if instead is a big % means that probably I should take action. I once looked at the forums of some AAA games (Company of Heroes, EQ2, etc) on Steam and there were a gazillion thread like "aspect XZY of the game is broken/unbalanced"! :mrgreen:

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Re: Act 2: Easy / Hard battles

Post by fabulaparva » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:10 am

Heh, the quest to search the slaves cells and then kill the assassin boss has an interesting balance. First time I tried it in NM, I had druid/hunter-combo with almost no healing skills and now druid/ranger-combo with tree of life and purification.

First time around, the assassin was the complete nightmare. The arena slaves were hard, but not beyond infuriating like during my second run. (Healer slaves! I'm gonna tear your heads off and kick them to the moon!) But then the assassin was a laugh. Yayswords is definitely right, purification does "roflstomp" him. :P Anyways, not saying that this would need any tweaks on NM, just another note on how the different builds change the experience.

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