SOTW - Second Act Beta!

The tale of the siblings Althea and Shea
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SOTW - Second Act Beta!

Post by jack1974 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:20 am

Download it here: ...
(as always during beta, zipped folder with executables for all platforms)
To play after Act2 you need to buy/preorder the game, you can do it here:

What's New in
- fixed bug that was using Shea taunt sounds even when playing Althea Ranger! Gotcha!
- fixed a bug that was changing the currently active character in inventory whenever you clicked on any slot to a "default" one
- fixed with a hack the display bug in prediction damage. The bug is still there but you shouldn't see the visual effect anymore (looking to solve it with help of Ren'Py coder itself since I don't think is a bug in my code)

What's New in
- updated framework to latest Ren'Py build, should run faster overall (not just in map but even in battles, etc). Saves MIGHT be compatible: use them at your own risk :wink:
- fixed Krimm's rage skill if you use two weapon so that you don't get 5% SP regain every hit (would become 10% total!!)
- raised Slumber cost from 20 to 30 since works on bosses and is a very powerful debuff!
- nerfed a bit Hunter's Critical Hit and Double Attack (only slightly more delay) since they were quite powerful :P
- this is hopefully latest update to this ACT2 beta. Next one will have the full ACT3 to play!

What's New in
- Rowinda's Syphon Life now works even on bosses
- Thief's Barrage skill was using dual wield if standing in Front row :lol: fixed
- added a 3 lines scene in sewer ant quest, the penultimate "step" was just showing empty sewers background and nothing else
- fixed a bug that wasn't updating the items correctly when you changed the .csv database and reloaded the game
- fixed wrong skill for Giant Ant enemies (using the old AI)
- fixed bug that was changing all fixed items to Legendary tier after one reload (in vendor and inventory was fine until you reloaded)

What's New in
- fixed crash when defeating the Assassin in act 2 (because of the item Slith)
- Zazir random prices now have a +/- 25% random range
- item prices now are more similar to the randomly ones, I've applied partly the "pricing system" I use for the random ones. I have updated the .ods with the right "base prices" and uploaded it here:
- removed the possibility to click the bar during vendor buy/sell since was freezing the game. I am not sure why does that, but for now just use the left/right arrows. Also enlarged the buttons overall

What's New in
- fixed the item quality visual representation: it was not working even before, in weapon you couldn't notice, but was enough to look at the color in which the items were displayed, all purple (Legendary). Now the color is correct and also the short description text :) hopefully last update for today!!

What's New in
- fixed crash at the end of act2 when you get the various personal quests items :)

What's New in
- fixed the early crash in Ninim shops (forgot to update two other vendor files with the new format!!).

What's New in
- fixed the fixed items :lol: old savegames works, and Legendary items are still displayed with the L. The fixed items quality/level can be set in the vendor file now. I put Fine for lvl 6 and Masterwork for level 11 items. I tested with a save early in act2, and my save in act3 and got no crash/bugs, so hopefully all is good :mrgreen:
- fixed Kick-in-shoes description non-ascii characters (thanks to openoffice autoreplacement of " " !)

What's New in
- added the new fixed items! They'll show up at Zazir and at the Trinkets'n'Treasures
- the randomly generated items no longer have HP/SP regen bonuses (not even the Rare ones)
- added Lore button to show up the fixed items lore text. It should work both in inventory and also in shops. Only case in which doesn't show up is when you sell because the sell button with price preview takes up all the space
- should have fixed crash when targeting an empty slot with Vaelis/Chalassa
- every time you finish a quest, the game will check if you can level up now. Before you wouldn't lose any XP anyway, but the level up screen sometimes wouldn't show up.
- nerfed down Vigorous Sonata: does 5SP/turn up to 20% of total SP, then 3SP/turn for the rest of the duration

What's New in
- fixed the item comparison code once more! now should be super accurate. Still weights more Damage for weapons and Defense for armors.
- fixed a "vintage bug" (no level up screen after killing giant snow spider , but no XP was lost)
- fixed Jariel's "Chant Of Resurrection" song, so now behaves as described in the tooltip: resurrects single character but existing buffs are removed from other party members
- fixed protect bug that would let you use that skill even if you're in back row
- speeded up the map rendering even more (the hotspots this time). Shouldn't lead to other problems since only changed the way the isometric coordinates are calculated, but you never know ;)

What's New in
- fixed a big bug in the new map speedup code that could cause issues if you reloaded a battle, in particular in dungeons. Unfortunately that means that you can't keep the old saves but you need to start from the beginning :( sorry about that.
- items comparison code now calculates Attack,Speed etc value for armors :)
- Chalassa's Flurry of Blows behaves like her others skills, if is on backrow uses ranged as base damage, if is in front uses melee

What's New in
- by mistake left some parts of code compiled with a renpy beta version, so was causing problems. Now should be all OK :)

What's New in
- crosscut limited to front row only, and the HP reduction was working only 60% of the times! now always works.
- fixed a problem with the new map system for "random hotspots" (fabula and yaysword bugs should be gone)
- tweaked comparison algorithm for items so that resistances have much less weight than other main stats!

What's New in
- fixed auto-heal after every battle bug introduced in previous version :mrgreen:
- now cross-cut works also with two maces!
- fixed disappearing inventory bug (again!) this time tried both in shops and in character inventory
- made the map system faster! on my desktop the difference is quite noticeable. I was checking all the variables for all maps before, now I make a subset of variables when you change map and iterate only through that (much smaller!) list :mrgreen:

What's New in
- fixed a wrong AI instructions that could cause a crash fighting Kiduu Bow mercenaries
- fixed alignment of the skills (if you had all Chalassa's attack skills first one on top would go out of screen!)
- fixed disappearing inventory bug (only visual, not real) in shops introduced in previous update when fixing the always selected INVENTORY text button
- fixed bug that was not letting you assign attribute points unless your character was in "Level Up" mode. Or better you could assign them in that screen, but they weren't added to the final amount and you'd still see them again until you got a new level up. If you always assigned all the attribute points immediately was hard to notice it!

What's New in
- crosscut now isn't available if you don't use two single-hand weapons
- the critical trait gift could be assigned to the wrong twin, fixed that :)
- fixed the doubleclick to repeat last action cheat that could let you attack even while paralyzed :wink:
- fixed bug that was forcing you to pick the trait once you clicked learn trait even if you choose "no" in the subsequent messagbox popup
- fixed dual wield trait so that now gives 65% offhand damage and not +65% (so a total of 90% !!)
- fixed the bug that was always showing as "selected" the INVENTORY text button in character screen

What's New in
- there still was an issue with item duplication error (wouldn't show up if you played all the game in a single session, that's why was hard to spot), now is fixed but unless you start a game from beginning you can still experience the bug, sorry :oops:
- fixed Galanna battlemage wrong healing AI
- nerfed down a bit Crosscut +5SP cost and little less damage, but HP reduction should work also on boss enemies now
- fixed Chalassa's quest so each flavor text is different for each guard and not based if you kill the guard or not :) thanks to renke for suggestion

What's New in
- the "Riley shows the south gate location even later" fix introduced a much bigger problem: Jariel wouldn't show up anymore, so the game wouldn't go on! :o fixed it now. thanks to fabulaparva for spotting it!
- The bomb's bleeding doesn't work on bosses (forgot to update the description)
- blue arrows fixed again :)
- fixed disappearing Lugal banners later in the story

What's New in
- quick fix for the crash bug in inventory examining items. I tried for a while and all works fine now so should be fixed!
- as a bonus, Mormont in act1 now uses the new AI. Hopefully he's not too tough now :wink:

What's New in 0.8.24
- added new tileset, new mansions for the families, banners, and the arena! 8)
- the Dual Wield trait now gives a 65% damage for offhand weapons otherwise was too powerful
- the initial character Critical Hit "gift" is raised to +10% critical and +5 attack
- fixed wrong tooltips text in the Protect effect
- now bombs can't do critical damage anymore (they have a fixed maximum value for damage)
- Riley's tour for the north/south gate can happen also later in the game so if you miss those places the first time you can still visit them later to get the locations bonus XP (well as long as you visit them before the final battle!!)
- added Zazir's shop on south gate. Is a vendor that sells items with a bigger random values on prices. So you could find items at half price, but also 50% more expensive... :wink:
- fixed some wrong arrows displayed as blue when they should be green
- the usable item Class requirements are displayed when you examine the items

What's New in 0.8.23 (another huge update! still waiting for the final tilesets though...)
- fixed wrong doubleattack value on Chalassa's Sudden Strike
- stepping on steam vents do more damage on Nightmare :P
- fixed item names random generation (the text only)
- Chalassa's lower stat debuff in Yeldin fight now remains even if you resurrect her!
- fixed dual wield bug that was repeating effects of the skill (like push two times pushing character out of screen!)
- once discovered, ratmen shop is available during all your stay in Dingirra and not just the first day
- thief bandage skill now also reduces Bleeding effects by 2 turns
- implemented the new AI! currently available on Galanna Battlemages, Lugal Halberdiers, Kiduu Bowman, Gamesh Crossbowman. Note that doesn't mean they're now super hard, because I didn't want to make them too difficult, but in act3 bosses I'll use it a lot (like the Kraken!). Didn't use it on Yeldin since seems already difficult enough :)
- Final Blow and Fatal Blow now they deal high damage but are available only if the target health meets their threshold. It works even on bosses, it just doesn't instant kill them :)
- Crosscut now should work with all kinds of single hand weapons and not just swords like before
- Initial PC Trait HP/SP becomes a fixed +25 HP/SP and not +10% to balance it better
- You can now pick a trait with a skillpoints anytime you want, though they've been tweaked to level up so even picking them early shouldn't give you any big advantage. Will probably raise level cap later to compensate the fact that you need to use a skillpoint to unlock each trait. Currently I didn't put a limit to the trait, so if you want you could learn them all, but winning battles without combat skills might be a bit difficult! :P
- fixed a bug that could let you skip the Jariel quest intro scene if you used shortcuts (now shouldn't work anymore)

What's New in
- enough AI experiments for today, reverted back to the original one. Next week maybe will have the new improved AI system directly from coder so I can make more tests :)

What's New in
- another attempt, I tested the galanna holy warrior battle several times and no more crashes. I THINK that now should be fine :)

What's New in
- fixes the bug introduced fixing the double buff thing in previous version :mrgreen:

What's New in 0.8.22
- made an experimental (though BIG) improvement to enemy AI, that now won't cast same buff like perfect balance unless it's exhausted. I tried some battles and everything seemed normal (except that some enemies now are smarter) but let me know
- Giant skeleton now won't start spamming Slam (mass push) skill anymore :)
- fixed Jariel's Dragon Dirge ailment to Confused as it should be
- fixed Chalassa's Sudden strike so decrease target's SP by 5 every hit = dual wield means 10 SP
- improved Invincible: 75% physical damage reduction, cleanse all ailments including staggered EACH TURN (so you can't be hit by any negative condition while is active), reduced cost to 30 and can be used while paralyzed! WOOTH ULTIMATE SKILL!
- if character target of Protect attack boost moves or is pulled in front row, the effect is cleared (Guard remains)
- fixed crash in Lorin's battle (clarity.png not found)
- fixed small graphic issue on Chalassa left arm in elegant clothes :)

What's New in 0.8.21 (emergency fix :oops:)
- fixed the crashes in dark elves fight, forgot to rename properly the duplicate of Jariel's song without the voice, now they should be all good
- Invincible skill now clears all the negative effects. For now I didn't reduce the SP cost, since curing all the ailments at once is still quite powerful, but might also reduce the cost
- fixed some typos

What's New in 0.8.20
- until now the "resist all physical attack by %" skills/effects weren't working! I guess nobody tried the Ranger with the shield and picked the "Invincible" skill. Now if you do you realize how powerful it is: since reduces by 75% all NON MAGIC/ELEMENTAL attacks will do only 25%. So an enemy attacking for 100dmg with melee will do only 25.
- fixed a bug on the dark elf enemy bard in the arena battle, while using her skills, was playing Jariel lines :lol:
- added all the new Jariel song lines in the battle
- Strikethrough for enemies and Krimm's NPC tribe now work as expected :)
- Lifechannel now uses the CURRENT HP, and not the maximum like before. Was possible to have Rowinda committ suicide otherwise. Could fit her character, but probably not what the players want!!
- revamped the drug delivery quest thanks to the help of Erin, one of the new writers :) now is less boring, featuring some small CYOA choices. If you have saves before it and want to test that would be cool (I tested it here already, but you never know)
- improved game speed by loading all maps on startup, and using a different rendering technique. The performance is small but noticeable at least here :) old saves should be 100% compatible, but let me know if you notice anything strange during the map movements! worse case I'll go back to the old system.

What's New in 0.8.19
- tweaked a few skills: Pull now inflicts "up to 3 turns" of paralysis, Krimm's Spinning Strike delay reduced to 10
- updated the layout of use-item, since if you had many items the text would overlap the icons :)
- now two shortcuts are disbled as well in the first tour of Dingirra (sewers/underground passages)
- fixed typos and some small art alignment bug
- item generating had a major bug that was allowing players to use a cheat to duplicate an item: this should no longer happen (for NEW items, old ones could still have the bug). Old saves should be compatible, I was able to load and continue playing normally.
- update to Riley's quest: now if you fail choosing the "heroic feat", you don't get immediate game over, but a fight against guard without the initial 25% healing, so still very dangerous but not lethal as before
- added more text variety to Chalassa quest (different sentences for each guard)
- replaced Jariel voice with new one, unfortunately the old VA couldn't record the voice trailer for the game so had to replace the voice also in combat :/ some skills have the new vocal jingle, others not yet
- Rowinda's Life Channel now correctly display the healed amount in prediction (mousehover)

What's New in 0.8.18
- increased starting XP of Chalassa, Jariel and Rowinda when they join your party to make them more or less around same level as the other party members towards the end of act 2
- also buffed up the starting equipment of Riley, Krimm, Rowinda, Jariel etc
- fixed Krimm's "unexpected cloth change" after her flashback ends
- removed access to party during bathhouse to avoid funny bugs (aka porn in the character screen ROFL)
- removed the stagger bonus to Krimm's Wreak Havoc and added slightly more cost and delay, otherwise was TOO powerful :oops:
- added nipples to Riley! he's now a normal person :oops: a special thank to Jariel, the donor!!! :lol:
- fixed various typos/grammar
- Krimm's Ralkor Blood now lifesteals "only" for the 30% of damage done and has slightly longer delay (still faster than a melee hit)
- I think I fixed the crash bug during the unarmed slaves battle. Actually the enemy that COULD trigger it are: Dingirra Lancer and Slave Lancer (they use same skill). If you want press L key to enable log in case you stumble into the crash again, the debug info is useful to me :)
- fixed Rowinda Candies so that they also recover SP - they were not working as intended until now!! :shock:

What's New in 0.8.17 (sort of quick "maintenance release")
- fixed the crash bug I've introduced in the liberty challenge when I tried to hack even further the RPG framework. there are some limits you must not cross! :mrgreen:
- added a 20% party heal before each merc battle in Dingirra for the Easy/Normal difficulty to make it even easier. I won't reduce the difficulty further than that though!
- fixed bug in Steam tunnels: now ranged attacks do normal damage. Only MELEE Two Handed attacks are reduced!

What's New in 0.8.16
- reduced further the difficulty of the merc fights during the initial Dingirra's adventures, now they'll be less in NUMBER. I believe now it's much easier than before for real :)
- fixed a small bug introduced with the extra damage beyond maximum (skill would show MAX value lower than MIN sometimes against enemies with higher defense)
- in the steam tunnels when you step on the steam vents shortcuts beside the damage you also start the next battle with burning condition
- fixed Ardin's appearance in the fight
- fixed several cosmetic bugs (wrong expressions, background, etc)

What's New in 0.8.15
- lowered the Normal difficulty considerably: enemies base stats are 10-20% less than before, and HP/SP 10%. I played and was able to defeat a hard Lugal encounter using only Krimm, Vaelis and Ranger using only 2 times special skills
- added minimum damage of 1 to Slumber skill, since the main purpose of that skill is debuff and not doing damage, must make sure it triggers
- made the final count of locations/quests to get the bonus XP reward. 10 locations (was missing to count the Ratmen in sewers) and 9 quests (I'm counting each personal quest, and also I forgot to give the reward both on XP and also on quest count for the Gamesh quest, the drug package delivery!)
- added more delay to Krimm's Kick, tweaked damage of finishing Blow so that's more useful: less crazy values, but when enemy HP is below half will deal more damage than the normal attack and depending on HP can kill much faster. Doesn't work on bosses now though :wink:
- Chalassa's bleeding effect doesn't work on Boss anymore, since was too powerful otherwise!
- since is possible to skip Rowinda quest (kill giant ant) made a short extra scene in the steam tunnels in which the party is attacked (thanks to Taleweaver for the suggestion)
- fixed bug on the No Chances skill that was showing wrong prediction damage due to miscalculation and to the fact that all hits were critical (so not possible to predict). Now they're not critical but raised back 1st hit damage to 250% to compensate
- now the fame doesn't show X / 100, but only X, because players could think that you must reach 100 fame like for locations/quests and instead is not the case

- fixed missing BG and typos
- fixed bug that would require a party member even after the Robinia quests were done. You need to go back completing them if you're stuck, like for example in skeleton battle, if you picked Chalassa to protect Robinia, you couldn't go on. The only solution is to go back at the beginning of that quest, sorry :oops:
- damage cap changed: if an attack exceeds the x2 multiplier, you get 1dmg ever 5 points of difference between the Attack->Defense values. Might not seem much but it all adds up, and at least now you have an excuse to raise your Attack value 8)
- added BG change during bathhouse scene (while getting there)
- now mages deal normal damage in the Steam tunnels. Penalty is only for 2Handed sword melee! not magic :)
- tweaked Chalassa's skills otherwise was too strong. Added more delays to a few, and No Chances first hit is 200% and not 300% like before. She's still a killing machine but at least doesn't seem cheat-mode anymore :lol:
- bomb potions now can be used only on frontline, for REAL!!!
- on the first time you explore Dingirra, now the mercs encounters are much weaker!
- party now is fully healed after the 1st and 2nd battle on liberty challenge
- skeletons in Act2 now use a different build so are more powerful than Act1 :wink:
- raised XP rewards for all act 2 enemies, so should be possible to reach a higher level at end of it
- powered up Krimm's and Chalassa's personal quest items!
- you can now learn Jariel's Rhythm of Restoration skill (before not)
- "permanent" effect like the battlefield bonus or the steam tunnels restrictions now remain on the character even if is killed! no more "death-cheats" :wink:

What's New in 0.8.13
- fixed wrong greenhooded assassin face image when angry
- fixed some small typos
- fixed Riley's spells: Magic Chains now deals Air damage, while Magic Missile become Magic Sparks and deal Fire damage (so he has a spell for each element)
- fixed bug during Jariel quest that was showing text as if you fought the mercenary even if you bought the memory crystal
- fixed random encounter that would still happen even if you got the item to grant you free pass (first exploration of Dingirra)
- fixed crash in Rowinda's Soulbound spell
- fixed crash in steam tunnels fighting the lizardmen (ThiefOverdrive enemy skill)

What's New in 0.8.12
- Riley's shake causes Confusion and not shattered as before
- if you try to bet at the insect fight without enough money the plot will continue as intended
- while looking for the green hooded man the slave you encounter are less aggressive in percentage
- fixed a bug that was causing Chalassa's guard cutscene to continue happening even after the fight was done :)
- fixed a bug that was resetting the unassigned attributes only to the last level amount, not considering that players could accumulate more or when a new character joins the party has lots of accumulated unassigned attribute points!!
- fixed a bug in Tower Of Dreams that was causing to repeat the Lorin's room puzzle/battle if you stumbled into it again
- added two more fixed battles in the Lugal quest so that isn't too easy compared to the others
- tweaked Gamesh quest so that the drug stealer show up less often, and also when you retrieve the package you only need to kill the "Drug Thief" and not all the enemies to win the battle
- fixed a bug that wouldn't mute all the audio channels correctly! now MUTE ALL, means NO SOUND at all :D
- one of the Riley's choices didn't lead to a battle with guards but simply showing "." :lol:

What's New in 0.8.11
- fixed wrong access to the tailor shop in galanna territory too early in the plot
- fixed wrong behavior of two Riley's spells stacking instead of adding
- now your gold is reduced to 1/4 at beginning of act2
- fixed a crash that could happen before act2 "pop from empty list"
- shortcuts won't work the first time you visit Dingirra so the "new location" stuff unlocks properly
- fixed bug that was kicking you out of tavern after any choice made
- updated Krimm's starting gear (before was too low quality) and added the possibility to use shield, unfortunately to work you must start from beginning :o

What's New in 0.8.10
- ACT 2 DONE!!! :) obviously, still missing lots of final art like some skill icons, family banners, the BIG ARENA tileset in map, also an extra music track, etc.
- elemental weapons now do normal damage if target resistance against its element is 50%. Higher or lower change the damage done in percentage. This way normal (non-elemental) weapons aren't too much penalized, but elemental weapons still do a nice bonus damage against the right enemies.
- fixed a bug that wasn't making magic staves appear in shops :mrgreen:

1) Old saves: they should be 100% compatible. I have tweaked slightly some characters, so if you restart from scratch you could get some slightly different stats, but nothing to worry about (really like 4-5 points of Agility more to Chalassa, etc.). Just thought to let you know but IMHO not worth restarting a game from scratch just for that.
2) Save often! This act is big, and there are several subquests, and in the final part you can choose one of the four families to do a specific quest for them. So remember to save often, a bit to provide savegames but also to experience all the various story paths :)
3) Balancing: I won't change anymore the global balancing values like I did in Act 1 for obvious reasons (I want this game to be out this year and not int 2050!!). HOWEVER, I am quite sure that some battles might be either too easy, or too hard. So I would like an opinion on that (of course, will see the opinions from different people with different builds). Tweaking single battles (changing enemies) is fine.
4) feedback on new characters skills. Even in this case, I won't redo all the skills of a character. I'm mostly talking about tweaking existing skills. I believe some might be a bit powerful, even if you have to consider the SP cost and delays. I think in general is fine if there are 1-2 "weak" skills and "1-2" powerful skills each character.

For plot reasons unfortunately you can use Rowinda/Jariel only at end of the act, so maybe it won't be really the best to judge their combat skills. But in next Act3 you can control all party members at last! 8)
Regarding enemy AI - Anima said that could make me a different system so I can tweak the AI better. Right now enemies have some fixed predefined behaviors, with the new system in theory I could add unlimited skills/conditions. For example an enemy "buffer" that only buffs allies instead of attacking, etc. When this is available I might redo some Boss enemies in this act, but not others. I hope that he can finish it for Act3 anyway :)
That's it, have fun! And while I'm taking a bit of a break in the next days from SOTW (need to do other stuff) I'll try to update the game at least daily with bugfixes :)

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by yayswords » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:22 am

Yeldin nightmare is way too easy with every single twin class combo.
If at first try it doesn't explode, it ain't Jack who wrote the code.

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by jack1974 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:23 am

:lol: damn it!!

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by yayswords » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:29 am

Okay how's this for a bug :DD

I can't get to act 2, I load a save right after I've beaten the last wave. But after the Yeldin talk it says this is where the beta ends bla bla.

I have all sound muted but I hear sword swings.
If at first try it doesn't explode, it ain't Jack who wrote the code.

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by jack1974 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:33 am

Haha I knew I didn't test everything! Forgot to remove that block, will do it now :lol:

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by jack1974 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:55 am

Changed it to 10a, not worth doing a new version number just for a silly mistake like this. I tested it here with a save so now at least starts! :lol:

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by yayswords » Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:00 am

End of trial? Do I need to buy the game to test more?
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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by jack1974 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:09 am

Yes sorry, it's how worked so far with all my other games :oops: When I did beta in the past people would pirate them early so... I'm forced to do this :(

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by yayswords » Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:12 am

Well you better make a good game then, because I'm not sure I still want to actually PLAY it after I'm done testing lol.

Also, when checking if I could circumvent it with an earlier save (changed to easy diff). This (the save itself) was before going to get the bear cub, but the bug happened at the very end of the act:
I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
File "game/plot/scene05_dingirra.rpy", line 10, in script
File "game/plot/scene05_dingirra.rpy", line 10, in <module>
IndexError: pop from empty list

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
File "game/plot/scene05_dingirra.rpy", line 10, in script
File "C:\Users\Albert\Desktop\SOTW-0.8.10-all\renpy\", line 756, in execute
renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
File "C:\Users\Albert\Desktop\SOTW-0.8.10-all\renpy\", line 1382, in py_exec_bytecode
exec bytecode in globals, locals
File "game/plot/scene05_dingirra.rpy", line 10, in <module>
File "C:\Users\Albert\Desktop\SOTW-0.8.10-all\renpy\", line 1928, in pop_call
File "C:\Users\Albert\Desktop\SOTW-0.8.10-all\renpy\", line 218, in pop_dynamic
dynamic = self.dynamic_stack.pop()
IndexError: pop from empty list

Seasons Of The Wolf 0.8.10
If at first try it doesn't explode, it ain't Jack who wrote the code.

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Re: SOTW 0.8.10 - Second Act Beta!

Post by jack1974 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:19 am

Ah yes thanks, I think shouldn't happen with newer saves but I am going to add some extra error checking on that part :)