skills suggestions

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skills suggestions

Post by jack1974 » Fri May 24, 2013 11:13 am

I've decided to make a new forum for this RPG even if is still early in the works.
As you know, I wanted to experiment with this RPG and have interesting / original Skills/Spells. So if you played Loren Amazon Princess, and you have some ideas for good skills that you'd like to see in another RPG based more or less on the same system (the game will keep the turn-based, speed dependent movement system) don't be shy and make your suggestions :mrgreen:
Currently there are the following Classes that still need their skill designed:
Bard (done)
plus the main character which can be Warrior, Thief or Mage, but I wanted him/her to have some interesting skills :)

p.s. Charming and/or summoning spells/skill probably are too hard to code with the current system :oops:

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by jack1974 » Fri May 24, 2013 11:16 am

Finished the Bard Class implementation today. It's quite cool. His "spells" (the songs) buff all the party (except the resurrecting one that is single target). So they're naturally very powerful, but have high cost, and only one at time can be active.
Which means if you sing Amukiki's Warsong (cool name, eh? 8) ) and then the Rhytm of Speed, the previous one will be cancelled. This way you'll have to consider what is the effect that is more important to have active at that moment :)

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by SerTabris » Sat May 25, 2013 6:41 am

Would Chant of Resurrection deactivate one of the party buff songs if one was active at the time?

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by jack1974 » Sat May 25, 2013 7:10 am

Right now yes, but I'm thinking to remove it since probably is too much. The bard together with the player if chooses to be Healer will be the only character who can resurrect, so maybe that would be too penalizing (there will still be the restoration potions anyway).

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by Franka » Sat May 25, 2013 7:17 am

These are some ideas, off the top of my head. I got creative with the names. :lol:

For hire (increase damage)
For a few gold (higher damage the more “valuable” the target is, define valuable however you like)
For a few gold more (even higher damage against bosses)

Rookie (increase stat)
Seasoned (increase stat)
Veteran (increase stat)

Outdoorsman (less damage from elemental attacks)
Tough as hides (increase health)
Bred to survive (auto-resurrects from first death each combat)

Come at me! (forces opponent to attack you, but opponent increases damage)
Hit me if you can! (increased chance to dodge)
I’ve got you now! (counter attacks every time you dodge)

Unassuming (chance to hide)
Smoke bomb (increased chance to dodge, become hidden)
Strike from shadows (critical attack when hidden)

Come into my parlor (mark target, increase damage to target)
Said the spider (target cannot dodge)
To the fly (auto kill target, or high damage to bosses)

Look closely (decrease opponent speed)
Now you see me... (decrease opponent defense)
Now you don’t! (blinds opponent, auto-avoids next single target attack)

Look to the left (opponent must attack character to the left of caster)
Look to the right (opponent must attack character to the right of caster)
Nothing up my sleeve (increased crit and damage against opponent that attacked left/right)

The price of power (increase mana for health)
Must have more (increase speed for health)
At any cost! (increase damage proportional to remaining health)

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by jack1974 » Sat May 25, 2013 7:50 am

Thanks some interesting ones. I like in particular the Warlock ones, trading mana/health/power, is a good system often used in games. Time to do some experiments now :)

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by DunKalar » Sat May 25, 2013 10:53 am

Some ideas:


Versatile Equipment (reduce basedamage but ignore target's resistances\immunities) [well a sword has a hilt and can do bashing damage if you want to :D]
Crafty (you can repair a small amount of your equipment's HP once per day for free)
You owe me from my last job (once per day, get more gold for a quest)
I know someone who buys this (find a suitable merchant in any town, i.E. someone who buys alchemy when there is no alchemist)
That's my booze (reduce attack/defense but become immune to mind controlling effects/increase magic resistance)
You must know where to look (get a chance to increase the money looted in a fight)
Impressing the ladies is more important (significantly reduce the money looted in combat to get more attack/damage/dodge/health)
That reminds me ... (buff your party with attack/damage or a higher chance to ignore target's resistances)
Dirty tricks (reduce targets defense/dodge and/or resistances)
I get the job done (once per battle may repeat a failed action)


Adrenaline rush (get a bonus to attack/damage and dodge after you where hit in battle for 1 round)
I beat their leader when I was a child (reduced chance to be attacked by random encounters)
I no talk I smash (reduce prices in a shop at the cost of the merchant's affection towards you/encounter with the guards afterwards)
In the wilds we wear no armor (if the barbarian isn't wearing bodyarmor, he get's a significant bonus on attack, dodge and elmental resistances)
Watch my Scars (intimidate Target, it can take no action for 1/2 turns)
I take you with me (gain additional attack with increased attack and damage against target that killed you)
King of the wilderness (get a chance to intimidate adjacent targets after you killed an enemy. Intimidated targets cannot attack this round)
That's no sword, THIS is a sword (get bonus attack and damage if you are wielding a twohanded weapon)

Bard (done)

already done (as the text says ;-) )


I stand alone (get bonus attack/defense/damage when an adjacent partyposition is free)
Assassins's do it from behind (get bonus attack/damage when target attacked another partymember this round)
I know where you bleed (reduce/ignore resistances and/or armor of target)
I can smell your fear (Assassin gets first strike)
My last target wore your uniform (lessens chance of the Assassin to be targeted this turn)
A slow death is more satisfying (get a chance to do bleeding damage over time)
I saw that coming (get a chance to counterattack after an enemy scored a critical hit on you)
I leave the minions for my friends (attack targets in the back of the enemies formation)
I can kill you unless you pay me .... (get more gold from encounters)
--- Nah I kill you anyway (target gets reduced defense/armor/dodge/resistances after it payed the assassin in the last round)


Why are you holding a flower? (Target does reduced attack/damage and has a chance to not attack at all)
Who's your daddy/mommy? (Target attacks an adjacent enemy)
I has no money (lessens chance of enemies attacking the illusionist)
Flashy explosions (all enemies in an estimated area get reduced attack/damage/dodge)
My friend here is just your imagination (reduces chances to attack friendly target)
He was it (increases chance to attack friendly target)
We do not taste good (reduces chances of the group to get involved in random encounters)
This coin is especially shiny (reduce merchant's prices a bit)
Hallucination (Gives the Party a chance to retreat from battle)


My master demands a sacrifice (increase mana/damage at the cost of an allies HP)
My master will eat your soul (grants a chance that target will not attack this turn)
Cursed blood (Warlock get's a resistance/Immunity to poison or some sort of magic)
Weird brew (increase Mana, Spellpower and reduce target's resistance but get more damage for X rounds afterwards)
I demand your service minion (revive friendly target in battle)
Aura of arcane prowess (adjacent enemies get reduced attack/damage/dodge)
Lifechannel (get a chance to steal X life from a target and transfer this to yourself or adjancent friendly target)
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Re: skills suggestions

Post by jack1974 » Sun May 26, 2013 6:51 am

Warlock class done! I followed some suggestions, but of course I also had to conform to the engine limits (or rather I didn't want to code anything complex for now :lol:). Still should be interesting enough to play I think!

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by MarSel » Sun May 26, 2013 3:47 pm

Surprised the Bard hasn't got an accompanying Dancer but the dancer must be good with a melee weapon they always get the shitty end of the stick! A Dancer would be fast maybe lower Atk to even up (so more attacks but less damage) and Lower Def but higher evade so a top lever dancer would attack first and multi times and hardly ever get hit :) High Mag and Mag Def as well... I'll stop now :oops:

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Re: skills suggestions

Post by SpectralTime » Fri May 31, 2013 6:02 am

...Hmmm... had a probably unworkable idea for a Merc skill passive.

Why not?

The Color of Money

The Mercenary is inclined to make the best use of his tools if he knows exactly what they would cost him. The mercenary gains a flat bonus to the attack power of his weapons and the resistances of his armor based on a percent/a higher percent/a pretty high percent of their market price.

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