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GoT ending (spoilers!)

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 6:29 am
by jack1974
Obviously if you haven't seen the last season or the finale, stop reading! :lol: I'm using a spoiler tag for the whole thing just to be sure.
Now I think GoT, despite a weak Season 8 is still the best fantasy series ever made (for now). There are 5 spin-off in production, so... who knows!
Anyway I've read a lot of fans disappointed and also absurd petitions. I think the finale was good. Not perfect, but good. Dany or Jon on the throne would have been super BOORING, like what everyone expected. It wouldn't have been GoT. But if not them, who? Nobody else would fit/want to sit there.
I think the main mistake was done in previous episode when they made Danerys go "mad queen". It was done in a terrible way! Like suddenly a switch on her brain turned "full psycho mode ON" :lol:
If they made a series of flashback showing her life, all the things had to go past, maybe at same time the population booing against her, throwing rocks, etc I mean justify in SOME WAY the fact that the person who always wanted to avoid killing innocents suddenly decides to make a mass carnage for no reason but "plot" :lol:
But apart that the ending was cool, each Stark got what they deserved/wanted and even Jon who initially looked sad about his destiny, in the end wasn't. I think it wasn't maybe the best happy ending but was cool nonetheless :)