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Re: What are you playing?

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Winkie22 wrote: Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:07 pm If you want good story and good char development choose trails. But if you haven't played the first in the series most of the story doesn't make sense. I recommend play trails first chapter first then sc then the third. trails of cold steel takes place after sky it's not necessary to play them after you finish those but you will get major spoilers if you do. I hope that helps with which your gonna play next
I guess I'll go for Trails in the Sky SC, since I liked the first one. I have reservations about 3rd though, since I've heard it leans towards dungeon crawling. Thanks for the suggestion.

Franka wrote: Tue Nov 24, 2020 8:17 am I tried playing Trails once, but all I can say is, it was not for me. DQXI is fine, if you know what kind of game Dragon Quest is, plenty to do, pretty character designs but not exactly the height of originality - Unlike Nier: Automata, but that's not really an RPG, J or otherwise. It's also a game you have to complete 3-4 times, or you'll be missing out on most of the game, but at least each playthrough is fairly different.
My experience with Dragon Quest is limited to DQ IX, so I'm not sure how much it is a representative of the series. If it's not far off from the rest of the series, I might like it.

jack1974 wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:04 pm Sadly I don't play anymore games with a lot of texts. I think when you make those kind of games yourself, after a day of work you want to relax and not READ EVEN MORE TEXTS :lol:
(also in a foreign language that doesn't help for sure lol)
I tend to ignore text that games that feel disconnected from the main game. Pillars of Eternity has plenty of it, such as messages on gravestones and "soul reading" backer NPCs.
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Re: What are you playing?

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I got Cyberpunk as well but for now I paused playing it since I found some crashing bugs. Besides I have first to finish Valhalla yet.
It's the first time that I got two AAA titles, and both had game-stopping bugs (bugs that if I didn't reload an old save would prevent me from going on!). Despite the long delays looks like they were rushed out too early. Of course are also super-complex games, so there's that.

If I had a PS5 I'd be surely buying Demon's Souls but PS5 are sold out everywhere here in Italy so that game will have to wait :D
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