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Re: Steam Summer Sale

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jack1974 wrote: Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:26 am I mostly buy games for 2 reasons:
1) because I want to play them (obviously)
2) to do "research". Since I make games too, sometimes I hear stuff like "the combat on game XYZ is well done" and so on. So, sometimes I just watch youtube videos, other times I buy the game to see for myself.
You never learn half as much watching others play, as you do by playing yourself I think.

Then again, I've always prefered to play myself, ever since I was a kid, having to wait my turn to play, after my sister and brothers had their turns on the SNES. Always one cool game everyone wanted to play, and just one or two controllers. :p Think that experience made me more impatient.
Seeing others play I instantly think "Now I want to play too!"

As for this year's Steam Sale I finally got the few Total War games I didn't already own
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