The Soul of Destruction

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The Soul of Destruction

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HI Everyone, I have just had my first book published and asked Jack if it's only to advertise it here. The art may look familiar because my favorite artist and one used by Jack a lot was the one who done it.: Deji I have some character art done too if anyone is interested. Thank you for taking time to look and maybe read.

It is a fantasy novel and the first one in a series. Here is the synopsis: Based in a world where humans rule the continent of Eliza and all non-Humans are put into slavery. Two young Princes fight to find their own identities. Thunder, the oldest brother and heir to the throne has always followed his father’s words to the letter, but when he’s torn between his duty and his heart for the first time he is unsure of what to do. Storm, the youngest of the two has always been treated as second best and when he one day meets an elf outside the castle, his life is turned upside down and he is forced into a journey across the continent, and a fight that will set in motion a spiral of events that will ultimately change everyone’s lives forever.

It is being sold on Amazon the paperback is here: ... estruction

and the kindle version is here: ... estruction
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