DLCs and "Season Pass"

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what do you think of DLCs adding content in middle of story/game?

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Re: DLCs and "Season Pass"

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i will buy a DLC in a second if i think it adds to the story.

Like DA:I recent DLCs, I heard Jaws of Hakkon taught stuff about Avvars which is neat and all, but no story and no character development means I still haven't gotten it.

When Decent came out, it had dwarves and was about dwarves and dwarves are my jam. People said it really recognized you were a dwarf, I bought it and was disappointed that it was mostly just a bunch of fights with a little added story but they it ended as soon as it started.

but now Tresspassers will add an epilogue with lots of story and character development. I am counting the days for that (granted its the last, but I would be the same if it was the first DLC)

Added characters/storylines/ and good world building are things i will buy a DLC immediately, saving up beforehand.
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