More voiced games?

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More voiced games?

Post by Tenten » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:57 pm

Heyyy, so I just wanted to ask if there are going to be more voiced games maybe? Im'ma a big of voice in games tbh and I don't think it's expensive nowdays, lots of people are willing to voice people in games for free in Voice Acting Alliance. :D Also a little suggestion, have you ever thought of keeping colors in your games more simply? imo that makes the look more japanese, I mean giving them detailed colors like in Loren ... yDruid.png makes them look like an American style, keeping them simply is easier and makes them look sexier like this ... tenten.jpg. xd Well, thank you for listening to me! ;P

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Re: More voiced games?

Post by jack1974 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:12 pm

Will reply shortly since I'm busy working :)
1) people doing for free wouldn't be that great. The original Bionic Heart has no pro VA, I paid them all even if they volunteered (because I don't like to get people to work for free), and the result wasn't that great... I mean I liked it, and some people like it, but is clearly not professionally recorded (background noises, etc).
2) The problem is not only the cost but the time that takes. Every thing you add to the game production takes away time, and then I have to add each file at the right line, can cause bugs, etc
3) there are ALWAYS typos or things to change. Calling VA again after they have done the job is possible but in some case, is even more delaying on the game official release
4) the majority of people don't care much about voices in particular in visual novels. adventure games are different case :)
5) about the coloring, your link is broken, but I prefer much more Loren's coloring to a simple cell-shading (if I understood what you mean).

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