How to get happy ending with Ted?

A mystery life sim set in college
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How to get happy ending with Ted?

Post by ButterflyWolf »

I been trying to get a happy ending with Ted followed like two walkthroughs ending up getting bad ending and alone ending ><

What stats and what do you have to do in each scene to get a happy ending with Ted?
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Re: How to get happy ending with Ted?

Post by sabreene »

I know his related stat is diligence.

What part are you having the most trouble with? The stats, or getting Ted's bar up high enough, or are you working on clues, also?

The most important thing I found was to pace yourself well. You want to make sure you've experienced all the scenes by the end. If you haven't and a scene is missing, it won't matter if you've gotten everything maxed, because there isn't enough time to play the missing scenes. The scenes have their own schedule too -- some play on certain days, or with a certain number of days between them, so you need to get enough time for them.

I'm running out for the day now, but will check back later to help out more if no one else has answered by then!
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Re: How to get happy ending with Ted?

Post by Bone2Pixel »

I hate to revive a thread, but I'm having trouble getting Ted's ending.
I managed to get all of the other routes, but this one seems to be giving me trouble.
I first raised diligence and his relationship to the full amount and then collected clues until I had that maxed out well before the end of December, but I still got the worst ending.
Any pointers?
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