Nicole questions?

A mystery life sim set in college
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Nicole questions?

Post by Cassandre »

Hello, I just joined, and am really loving this game, but it is way too difficult for me even with 'Easy' mode, I'm not sure if that even does anything.

However, I have absolutely no idea how to juggle my time. Are we meant to get the Bonus endings as we pursue a certain bloke? I am not sure how to get 999 Case, THEN 999 stat and 100 affection in a single playthrough.

Also, the 'Skip All' option for text doesn't do anything for text previously read. Does one have to finish one playthrough before that option does anything?

Also, where are the saved games kept for this game? I'm not sure if it's possible, but I would really like to adjust my stats since I have been pursuing the right guy with the wrong stats, and It's December 3rd, and I've already buggered up the game for not boosting all levels to max by the end of Nov.

Also, CheatEngine doesn't seem to work with this game. At all. WAAAAY too many values.

Help would be greatly appreciated, but I feel a little overwhelmed as I play this, and it's really hard to enjoy it.


Alright, I think I have the stats down, although I only work at the store to raise Diligence. Should I be raising the skill in other ways as well? Also, If I focused on building Clues to 900 right away, would I be able to see all 8 Mystery scenes? Same with Affection and Skills?

Also, is the November 30th really the cut-off date to raise the skills? I read 27 December on this website, and November 27th on a Russian Otome page..
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Re: Nicole questions?

Post by ShyGuysAreTheBest »

Not in my experience. I finished just a few days before the end. (Dec 20/21)
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Re: Nicole questions?

Post by nightshadengale »

The first two times I played I had to totally replay November because I didn't balance things right, but I think I ended up with a formula like this:

-Spend the first month mainly raising stats (all 4, but focusing on the main stat. I think you want close to 100 in your main stat + 40-50 in the other stats by the end of September.) Occasionally look for clues, but don't make it a priority (since you won't find many with low stats)

-October, start focusing almost solely on your main stat+clues. I think you want around 400 clues + 400 in main stat by the end of October.

-Once you get access to online shopping, buy the all cheap stuff that's not for the guy you're romancing so you can raise your stats--including non-primary stats, for the boost in clues. Also, shower your guy in presents early. Like, make him feel ridiculously uncomfortable with the amount of stuff you're giving him. Get him up to 60 relationship ASAP. After that if he's not maxed and a week has passed with no new scene, PRESENT. (Even if the last scene was awkward and ended vaguely estranged. PRESENT.)

-Focus mostly on clues throughout November (but do the primary-stat job every day, and try to make your relaxation activities boosty-relaxation activities). You want to unlock most of the mystery + romance scenes. It's okay if your main stat falls behind clues--unlike clues, it's not a requirement for unlocking the scenes on time.

-In December, spam your main stat so you can get it over 900 by the end of the game. (If your clues bar isn't already full, though, fill that up first thing.)
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