Getting Jeff's Romantic Ending?

A mystery life sim set in college
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Getting Jeff's Romantic Ending?

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Sooo I have played through this game a couple times trying to get Jeff's ending I have no Idea what I am doing wrong? I'm pretty sure I have gotten all the clues and mystery scenes, and in the end i go in along. I try romancing Jeff I got him all the gifts eary so by the time where it say's that I lock in my Romance I'm at like 75% with him or higher. I make sure to go with Wit and get my clues max rather quickly and still at the end Jeff pushes me outta the room and by the time i go to beth with the potion im max with him. So I have Noooooo Idea what i'm doing wrong...Can someone help?!

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Re: Getting Jeff's Romantic Ending?

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Check in the forums there are many thread with tips/walkthrough like this one: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3081
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