Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

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Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

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(because you've all been so patient!)

So, my dearest ones, it’s been a while since I appeared around these parts, and even then it was just to offer some pathetic excuse why Roger Steel isn’t even now burning its way up the Steam bestseller list. Therefore, as a small reward for your patience, I thought I’d offer a small scene from one of the early parts in the game which just happens to feature the two protagonists, Ann and Arthur, and their friends Neville and Christina. The scene occurs after you have chosen your avatar – Ann or Arthur – but before the fateful event which separates them.

Also, for those who are interested, I posted a similar amount of dialogue from Undead Lily in that forum too. On a roll, I am, but don't get too excited. I'll soon tire myself out.

Arthur: [Quietly, to Neville] I'm thinking this wasn't such a good idea, Nev.

Neville: I wasn't sure even from the beginning.

Arthur: Well, why didn't you say so!

Neville: You all seemed so keen on it. Especially the girls. Rather struck by that Assam fellow they were.

Arthur: You idiot!

Neville: What?!

Arthur: That's even more of a reason why you should have spoken up. You know they have lousy taste in men.

Neville: Well, you didn't say anything, man!

Arthur: Shush! Keep your voice down! Of course I didn't say anything. I'm the youngest. No one listens to me. I was expecting you to take the lead and talk some sense in them.

Neville: Are you mad? When have I taken the lead on anything? I just want to be left alone. You two and Christina are always dragging me into things where I don't want to go. Even when we were kids.

Arthur: Damn it, Nev. You're the eldest. You should show some responsibility!

Neville: Are you winding me up? You lot are big enough and ugly enough to look after yourselves.

Arthur: I thought you were keen on Ann. Don't you want to look after her?

Neville: I was, but she's not interested in me, it's plain as the nose on your face. She likes the dark-skinned fellows. Plus, with this eye ...

Arthur: Don't worry about that. She likes the piratical types. Just look at that Assam. Did you ever see a more suspicious-looking fellow?

Neville: He looks an alright sort to me. Friendly enough. You can't go around making judgements about people based on their looks. No one would give me a second chance.

Arthur: Hey-up, here comes trouble.

Ann: What are you two plotting?

Arthur: We were just making bets on when the wedding will be.

Ann: What?

Arthur: Between you and Assam. You seem to be getting along like a house on fire. Hope you're not too saddle-sore when we get home.

Ann flushed and her eyes blazed.

Ann: Shut up you cheeky ... monkey!

After a long pause in which she tried and failed to think of something to say to put Arthur back in his place, she abruptly wheeled the horse and cantered back to Christine and Assam.

Neville: Why do you have to do that? Annoying her all the time. It doesn't make for a pleasant atmosphere at all.

Arthur: I can't help it. Words just pop into my mouth and I have to say them.

Neville: You're a real child, you know. A real child. I don't think you'll ever grow up.

Arthur: How can I, when most of my life I'm following Ann around trying to keep her out of trouble?

Neville: You don't even try. Anyway, enough talk. You've given me a headache now.


Christina: What are the boys up to?

Ann: You don't want to know. Arthur's being beastly, as usual.

Christina: Why? What's he saying?

Ann glanced at Assam, riding just ahead of them, seemingly scanning the landscape and temporarily oblivious to them.

Ann: I don't want to talk about it.

Christina shrugged and changed the topic.

Christina: I hope we get there soon. [Whispering] My bum hurts.

She giggled, then stopped when Ann didn't join in. Instead her friend was staring into the distance, lost in thought, her face as stiff as stone. Arthur always had that effect on her.

Christina: I'm glad we changed into these divided skirts, even if they are a bit short. Calcutta fashions are a bit risque these days, aren't they? Well, for the colonials, anyway. The Indian women are much more modest. I wonder what they think of us, strutting around in not much more than our undies.

She giggled again until Ann shot her a look that could have knocked her off her horse.

Christina: I'm sorry. I'm just trying to make conversation.

Ann: You're making monologue, and the topic is boring. I want to forget about Calcutta and its stupid fashions.

Christina: My god, you are in a mood aren't you? Sorry for breathing, I'm sure. I'm going to talk to the boys, if that's alright with your ladyship.

Christina halted her horse and let Ann trot ahead, lost in her own thoughts. She waited for Neville and Arthur to catch up.

They took their own sweet time and Arthur was wearing one of his ridiculous smirks, that both infuriated and intrigued her.

After Neville's quiet reserve, Arthur's mocking humour and quick wit could sometimes be a restorative. On the other hand, it could often quickly become thoroughly irritating.

Anyway, it was easy to see what had put Ann in such ill humour.

Arthur: What-ho, Tee. Enjoying the outing?

Christina: It's a beautiful day.

Arthur: For a beautiful lady ...

Christina felt herself flushing. Compliments from Arthur were rare, and often accompanied by a mocking rejoinder. She wished she could control her physiology a bit better. A lot better, in fact.

Arthur: ... isn't that what Assam says?

Arthur's eyes seemed to mock her premature reaction, and she suddenly hated him, hated him, hated him. Ann was right. He was a right pain in the ... bum!

Arthur: Anyway, how is the old boy? Are we anywhere close to the lost temple of Argawumper, or whatever it is? Or is he trying to lose us before sweeping my sister into his strong and manly arms?

Christina: Oh, give it a rest, will you! I don't know how Neville puts up with you, I really don't.

Arthur: So, how do you do it, Nev? Put up with me, I mean.

Neville: In three years I'd forgotten what a total pain in the arse you could be, to tell you the truth.

Arthur grinned.

Arthur: Really it's Ann. I'm the price he has to pay in his homage to her.

Neville gave Arthur a morose look.

Neville: And it's not worth it, boyo, I can tell you that for nothing.

Christina opened her mouth to say something when there was a shout and scream and a thunder of hooves.
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Re: Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

Post by Franka »

Gotta love party banter! An exciting read for sure.

Just a small typo: "After Neville's quite reserve" should be "quiet".
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Re: Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

Post by FenCayne »

Glad you enjoyed the sneak peek and thanks so much for the typo-sniping (now fixed). No matter how many times you read there's always one that sneaks through...
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Re: Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

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I wonder what kind of character development Arthur can have. While I can understand he being a brat in the begnning, I dont think he could be the same after going through several hardships (maybe even having to kill someone) while,trying to rescue his sister.
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Re: Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

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Just a 'helpful' reminder, you haven't finished introducing all the Roger Steel characters on your blog. Is that not happening anymore?
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Re: Sneak Preview #16: Some words from the actual game...

Post by jack1974 »

Since the main artist left, we paused it for a moment. We might redo them all in the "new style", or just use new artist for the romance CG. But it's more likely the former. He is redoing a Ann test image to see :)
But in any case writer plans to introduce them all. It's also that doesn't make much sense to introduce the characters of a game SO FAR from being out :)