Planet Stronghold 2 release!

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Re: Planet Stronghold 2 release!

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But in the end what was the exact reason for the planet destroying itself? Shiller tried to say humans were responsible but Lakadema said something else and I am not sure what is the exact cause. And could you tell me about the other endings and if there is a "perfect" one when you have time? I am curious, but at the same too lazy to try to get them all :lol:
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Re: Planet Stronghold 2 release!

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it's never explicitly said what was the reason, but in my idea was human exploitation, a sort of warning about what we're doing with our own planet :wink:
About "perfect" ending not sure, all the endings are rather sweet I think, I made sure that no ending was too sad and despite everything and the dark moments, there was hope at the end of the story. My favorite is
the one where they escape on a planet to hide and start a new life, or where they become space pirates (but good pirates helping the defenseless ships, etc).
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