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Few suggestions for the Loren 2

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:40 am
by Harbinger1949
Hi all.
I have to admit, when I first purchased the Loren 1 game, I was just trying to get some of the nudity stuff as I am also amazed with the artwork of this game (as a good artist myself, I am not easily amazed by others artwork). And come on, you have to admit, the age of Amazon is very much the same of the age of the barbarians. Back then the society was much less civilised, just imagine the possibilities :P

Later realised there isn't much of nudity. But that doesn't stop me from loving this game. I am amazed that much effort were putting into the story line. The story line is heart warming and yet human. Those heroes and heroines are not perfect and larger than life like many of the novel portray. They are all human like, not god like. It feels like playing the first "Mass Effect" game for the first time. That is a job well done. I loved it.

And now I just gotten wind of Loren 2 in the making. I had to come and post my thoughts.

1: Longer story.
The Story in the first game was great, but in a way, a bit too short. I finished it in less than a day. Can we have more please? More exciting adventure and more twists in the story.

2: Allow us to load saved game from the first game so we can continue where we left.

3: Uncertainty in your choices.
Like many of those choice based RPG, Loren game's choices lead to certain outcome. But that is hardly the case in the real world. Player's choices should influence the outcome but never set it in stone. It is more realistic that way. Also 1 choice shouldn't just lead to 2 different outcomes, it combines with the uncertainty and lead to multiple possible outcomes.

4: More explicit stuff. Like I mentioned earlier. It is in the age of barbarians and the world is much less civilised. A small group of beautiful warriors wondering in the wild and encountering even less civilised being like Orcs or beasts. Just imagine the probabilities :P

Just keep the good story coming me and my friends will support this game for ever, not just for the Loren 2, hopefully there will be L3 and L4 in the making in the future. Sorry for can't make donation on patreon at this stage as I have invested all of my savings on Uni fee. Some of my friends said that they will, not sure if they have done so or not yet. I will definitely do so after I finish my study.

Sorry for my English. It is not my first language so some times I can only say thing straight and sometimes too straight and people get offended. Please, I can assure you I meant no offense.

Re: Few suggestions for the Loren 2

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:55 am
by jack1974
Hehe thanks for the compliments, glad you liked the game. Regarding your suggestions:
1. If you browse the forums, in practice the second game is two games in one (which I'll probably sell separately). However bear in mind that the first Loren was 240,000 words. Other VN/story based games on Steam are 100k words MAX. So already the first game was VERY VERY LONG!!! It might have not seemed it, but it was :lol: Of course the amount is all romances path, so depends which ones you played, etc. But as story-based game, it's probably one of the biggest around (Roommates was also on a similar length).
2. this won't be possible because of different engines/systems, but at beginning you can choose the starting conditions with menu. So you can set the events as you want.
3. I agree though this is strictly related to game's length. If each choice has different outcome, it's a different "branch". And it's a big mess to make everything work together. We'll try but it's harder than it looks. Even top AAA multi-million games like Telltale games basically have very little variations depending the choices you make :wink:
4. For Loren 2, there's some more explicit stuff, however the art was already done back in 2014. In several of my future games there will be MUCH more explicit stuff. If you'll be able to check my Patreon in the next 2-3 months you'll see some very hot previews of future games in the work :mrgreen:

Re: Few suggestions for the Loren 2

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:20 am
by Harbinger1949
Thanks for the fast reply, Jack.

But what do you mean by "the art was already done back in 2014"?? You mean this game was put on hold for 3 years??

Also, would there be a L3 in the future? Please tell me there is one :)

Re: Few suggestions for the Loren 2

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:03 am
by jack1974
Yes I have all the game art ready since 2014 (or maybe was 2013, don't remember). But then for a thousands various issues, the game wasn't finished.
Remember I finished Queen Of Thieves last year, after I announced it in 2011. Right now I'm about to finish Amber which was once again announced years ago. Making games takes time :)
As said Loren 2 is in reality two games, so you could say L2 and L3 are all in one. But there are also other games set in the same world (just check my site to see them).

Re: Few suggestions for the Loren 2

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:02 pm
by Harbinger1949
I will hope there is a L4 then.
I really like the L1. Like I mentioned earlier. The characters in this game are so believable. Just like those people you meet everyday when you are at work or when you are studying. So once you befriended with them, you can not just simply unfriend them.

I wish there will never be an end of this series.
Long live the Queen :)