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Ideas for Potential Achievements/Names

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:58 am
by BobTheMob
I saw a thing from when SOTW was being developed for something like this, so I figured I'd start a thing here.

We’re Not Connecting Like Before. – Any character is missed by 50 attacks

Can’t Catch Me! – Inflict Slowed 50 times

Feel the Heat! – Inflict Burned 50 times

Dude, Chill. or Cool It. – Inflict Freezing 50 times

You Wimp! – Inflict Scared 50 times

Let me Explain… - Inflict Confused 50 times

Wake Up! – Inflict Tired 50 times

I’m the Anti-Dote for You. – Inflict Poisoned 50 times

Don’t go to Pieces Over It. – Inflict Shattered 50 times

You Couldn’t Hurt a Flea. – Inflict Weakened 50 times

Move it, Already! – Inflict Paralyzed 50 times

Soul’d Out – for having romanced Jul

Re: Ideas for Potential Achievements/Names

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:13 am
by TheDistur6edGuy
Loyalty Unto Thee - Pre-Order Bonus
Huh... Huh...??? Probably not.

One with Nature - for having romanced Myrth

One Night with the Queen - for having romanced Loren with Saren

Beating with the Black Heart - for having romanced Chambara/Mesphit with Saren/Eleanor (I don;t really care which, just throwing this one out there.)

Marksman of the Heart - for having romanced Rei

O' This Kindling Flame - for having romanced Draco

Under this Shield - for having romanced Breza

Taming of the Bear - for having romanced Amukiki with Eleanor

In the Arms of Royalty - for having romanced Karen

This Champion of Mine - for having romanced Amukiki with Saren

Please! Stahp me! I can do this all night! Please!