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Re: Features you want the most?

Post by Walker » Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:50 pm

jack1974 wrote:Never thought about the high-res zoomable images but should be simple to add :)
Huzzah! I was sure someone would have asked for something like that already--took me a little while to browse the thread and check. :lol: Seemed natural: story mode; soundtrack; gallery. Now that I think about it, a lot of nice extra features were already there!

From here on out, I'm just tossing ideas around.

With story mode and a lot of characters, you could sometimes end up with six, seven, or even all of your characters leveling up at once. I remember this happening when I received 1000 quest XP and it could take a while to handle. If Story Mode aims to emphasize the VN element, maybe there could be a faster way to auto-assign skills/stats?

If we want to keep things open and give players a lot of power to customize, then maybe individual characters could have a button "auto assign skills: on/off" and "auto assign stats: on/off". That way, if some people just want to skip a few battles but still adjust stats/skills, they can. But if they want to just zoom through battles/leveling and read the story, they can set everything to auto and do that.
jack1974 wrote:Thanks for the suggestions. For sure integrating more the conversation scenes with the main plot is great, however is also quite time consuming to write :) In Loren was especially because you didn't always had all the characters with you. In my other games like Planet Stronghold was easier since 99% of the time all the characters would follow you (so wasn't possible to randomly trigger a conversation when a character was away).
Loren definitely has a lot of characters to work with. I can see how integrating too much with the main plot would make things really messy or time-consuming.

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