TOA: An Elven Marriage dev thread

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TOA: An Elven Marriage dev thread

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So the first game will be called ToA: An Elven Marriage :wink: I am not going to say more than that for now, but this is the official development thread!

As you probably know I'm going to bring back the front/back rows mechanics, but merged with all the tweaks/improvements of the newest RPGs, like: degrading armor, resiliece stat (so several hits with less damage have a different purpose from big/slow hits dealing a lot of damage), more stats, new items generation, items with skills, etc etc

I am NOT going to spend too much time on the RPG part, not as much as I did with PS2, and I also want people to feel at home playing it, so I'm going to use a layout similar to the first Loren game. Will post full screenshots soon, meanwhile this is what I'm going to do with the characters on the battlefield:
as posted on Twitter: all the buffs are on bottom-left, debuffs on top-left, and when you click a target all the actions are on the right. I think it's cleaner this way vs the old version where everything was mixed up. Now you can see which debuffs the enemy has, while selecting a skill to use (useful to increase the debuff time for example, etc).

I'm also redesigning the use item skill to use a better layout, have the enemies flee if they're clearly outmatched (for non-key battles) etc etc. I'll be working on this on/off, since I cannot force myself to work 12 months straight on a RPG like I did with PS2 (and I have several other games to finish too).
But I still plan to have a beta out at end of next year or worse case, beginning of 2022 just in time for the 10-years anniversary of the first Loren game!! :o :lol:
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