No Rakesh happily ever after?

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No Rakesh happily ever after?

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Hello everyone! Long time lurker here, finally managed to make an account.

This feels a bit strange for a first post, but here we go. I play Roommates a lot, and have noticed that Rakesh and Anne seem destined not to last. Every time I romance Rakesh with Anne, even if I have 600+ Reflective+Creative, AND almost 800 grades AND have unlocked the ending scene where they paint a wall together, they always break up after college. If you push for truth with his parents, the epilogue just says that you stayed together throughout college, if you push for deception, the epilogue will say that you broke up 8 years after college.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this intentional? If it is intentional, I must say: bummer. I am part of the minority that really likes Anne/Rakesh. But I suppose it's kinda fair since Max and Isabella also end up breaking up.

Just want to be sure I am not missing anything. Thanks for any help!
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