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Promo Video

Post by Yorekani » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:11 am

Ok, first off I found out about this game through Steam.
Therefore I looked at the video and pictures provided there first.

First some praise so you won't think I'm trying to be mean.
The artstyle is very cute and drawing me towards the game.
As soon as I saw the "time management picture" I immediately voted for "Yes" on Greenlight.

Finally getting to the topic:
I think your promo video is too long. Quoting from the "Greenlight tips" on steam:
Steam wrote:Fine-tune your video
  • The first video that people see should be short
    Get right to gameplay or functionality
    Show off the features in a relatively short period of time
    More than just a tech demo
I think the promo should be able to get the point across within about one minute.
I don't think you have to show every main character in the promo. Showing only the two protagonists might suffice.
The other point I want to stress out is the gameplay.
It seemed that there wasn't that much gameplay shown for those 3min 33sec.
It might not look as fancy, but I'd rather see the character sprites "in action" instead of a "splash screen" (is that the word for it?).
Yes they technically have the same pose, but when I watch a promo I want to see how the game looks, not only the art.

This criticism is more leaned towards "improving" later promo videos. I think that the only thing to keep in mind is that "new" people will have a significantly shorter timespan than average.

That's all for criticism. I still really liked the video in itself, though. I just think it would fit better as the actual intro to the game (when booting it up, or if you stay in the main menu for some time).
I haven't got to play the game yet (Wanted to get this out of the way before I forget), so it might be already be used for all I know. =^-^=

PS: Please be forgiving if this doesn't fit 100% in here. I already registered and consequently deactivated a twitter account just to find out that private messages are basically impossible without prior contact there.
If I went this far to get the message to you I probably won't do it just to hate on the video. I probably still overlooked some big "Give us Feedback" button somewhere... probably...

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Re: Promo Video

Post by jack1974 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:32 am

Don't worry is fine, I know how videos are supposed to work :) is only that this video was to feature the theme song, so had to make it as long as the song itself.
Recently some friends got Greenlit and their videos didn't show any gameplay *at all* :lol: they were shorter though.
I have another video made, even if is a bit older so need to check if is still actual. Anyway thanks for the feedback, what you say is all true. I knew it and still just put that video :lol: probably should have made another shorter one just with gameplay, but hadn't time to do it. Will try to make one this week!

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Re: Promo Video

Post by Yorekani » Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:08 pm

Ah... guessed right.
As I said. The video is fine itself.
I could already guess that the length was due to the featured song.
In that case the most important advice for future games would be to post a "short" video first which shows the "required" stuff.
After that's taken care off no one will stop you from posting an "ambient" video like this.
It really is nice to look at/watch, but #1 in getting someone interested in the first place.

This is assuming that you're willing to put in the work of making two videos in the first place.
I'm not sure about steam (since you can't really put comments under your media stuff in greenlight), but you should have a general idea why you will produce a second video.
For a video like it'd be something like "Okay, you may have seen the protagonists and basic gameplay, but do check this video out if you want to get to know the full cast and a general feel of the game's atmosphere".
I guess a video needs "purpose"... but I don't think that's a problem since it's most likely too much work to produce a second video just to have another video.

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