A dating / life sim for all tastes set in college
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Um, I'm not sure where to ask this but anyway, I'm really enjoying the game. The characters are so full of life and I love how there are so many events going on! (This is actually your first game that makes me wanna skip events 'cuz there are so many, not whining on why it's uneventful) :mrgreen: I enjoy how the writer can crack jokes in the story to make it more fun~ Makes me smile a lot!
The art is great too! Good to see Max and Dominic actually have some muscles on them ;) The girls are beautiful and I love their expressions (well-drawn). Not to mention the BGs also look wonderful~ (Is it just me or Dominic's personality + expressions on his face make him look like a lost puppy who's being those hooligans of course :lol: )
The music is really catchy, fits the fun and cheerful atmosphere of the game, not to mention I get to hear Max sing a little part of the acoustic version <3 Tbh, I got to the game 'cuz you told me Roommates has its own song \m/ Now I really don't regret checking the game out, it's amazing. You've been improving more and more after each game, seriously, it's nice but I'm gonna go bankrupt. :v And here waiting for C-14 Dating as well!!!
I can only give out a brief review and you can see how I suck at writing :oops: I wasn't here to give reviews in the first place, I'm here to ask for the credits, usually I'd find them in the "credits" part of the game, maybe I need to finish the game to see it at the end (too impatient for that). Sooooo can you tell me who's the writer, composer, artist, etc..etc...? :) (OK maybe you did mention it but... I got lost somewhere and didn't see, anw, I really want to know who works on this game besides the fact that it's made by WinterWolves)
Keep up the good work!
Edit: Just got past Spring Break and WOW, the romance scene there was hooooot ^///^
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Re: Credits?

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Yes credits are at the end, but in practice:
Writing - M.Van Horn aka Mr Envy in forums
Music - Leetstreet boys (they already did Always Remember Me, Heileen 3, Loren theme song)
Art - Arseniquez
BGs - S. Mistal
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