best love interest (Anne)

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who is the best love interest playing as Anne?

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Re: best love interest (Anne)

Post by vexingaura »

MarSel wrote:Anne and Isabella was just WOW I think as Anne she was portrayed must more vulnerable and caring and if not romanced had a big sister vibe. The ending
of them splitting up and Anne deciding that men weren't for her and she was gay and then the reunion was so sweet!!
Max was sweet and I would say my second favorite bring the raver girl out of Anne at the end. (In the CG for AnneXMax it seems a bit off. The guy to Max's right (our left) would be Menthis but didn't look like him. Right must have been Jerry (right?) no Slim but the angle of the CG you could get away with it)
Dominic was okay I enjoyed and it turned out sweet so third.
Rakesh for Anne felt... Wrong. The story was great but something was off... Shouldn't have played this romance as Max first. I just kept thinking "NO he is for Max!!" :lol:

As for the unromancable characters.
Roxanne I liked a lots and would have liked to romance her and both.
Car Car such a cute young woman and I wanted to hug her tight Romance yes please.
Menthis. Loved him maybe not as a romance but he would do for Anne. Max, no they had too much of a brother vibe.
Slim I would have like to see the sprite for. Sounded interesting with her bear of a bf
Jerry not much is said.
Chad. Ugh love to hate!
This^ regarding the unromancable characters. Glad to see someone adore Car Car as much as I did :)
Sorry I am late to this party but Roomates was an awesome game. It took a long time to see all the endings but I 100% agree with this poll Isabella X Anne was top notch stuff. Congratulations to both the writer and the artist for Isabella X Anne. I will be sad to see Isabella go especially. Just when I think your yuri romances can't possibly get any better you hit a new standard. While this year will be hard on the wallet it is more than worth it so thank you to everyone at Winterwolves for your wonderful game :)
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Re: best love interest (Anne)

Post by jack1974 »

Thanks :) when I read such posts, is reassuring for me thinking that the same writer will take care of Loren sequel romances too 8)
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Re: best love interest (Anne)

Post by sabreene »

I have to agree with the Carmen love! She was just so huggable. There were a few instances when I thought Isabella was a little jealous, but I may have been imagining things :D

My favorite romances were Max and Dominic, for two completely different sides of Anne. With Max, I felt they brought each other balance, each influencing the other to become more well-rounded. With Dominic, I loved to see his other side -- the MMO-gaming, care-taking, sweet side. What they wanted out of life seemed to mesh well, and could see them staying together for the long haul (so I'm very happy the ending was changed!)

Rakesh, while a sweet and fun romance, just didn't seem to fit properly. And though I enjoyed seeing the depth of character in Isabella, I just loved Max & Dominic more. Plus, they're both so cute!
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Re: best love interest (Anne)

Post by BobTheMob »

Having now played through all of 'em:

I gotta say Max.
He helped Anne do what she set out to do in the first place when attending college: break out of her shell. She became a much more fun character b/c of him, partying and such.

And while I'm a strictly anti-romance type, even I gotta admit that (since it was only just barely romantic anyway) that ending
w/ him calling her up to the stage
actually wasn't all that bad. Showed just a hint of warmth w/o going overboard, the way Dominic's had.

One thing I didn't really get though, in the path to that:
W/ the plastic dart battle, Max, of all people was in the "Serene Gang"? "Serene" is hardly a word I'd use to describe him! :P
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Re: best love interest (Anne)

Post by SerTabris »

BobTheMob wrote: One thing I didn't really get though, in the path to that:
W/ the plastic dart battle, Max, of all people was in the "Serene Gang"? "Serene" is hardly a word I'd use to describe him! :P
That bit was one of the things that gave me the impression Max's side might have been written first (although I haven't actually played his, so I suppose I couldn't really say).
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