"Outtakes" texts

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"Outtakes" texts

Post by jack1974 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:46 am

One of the most funny things about Roommates writer is that he fills up the event with some temporary texts that obviously gets replaced with real texts later. Every time I get new scenes I laugh already in anticipation of what he has written.
I want to post some texts since I think everyone should benefit from it (usually makes me ROFL) and is a waste that only I get to read it:
label week10_tue: # Sally says "Let's make Isabella jealous"
if preview:
"I'm here at the cafe? Maybe I'm in town. yeah, I think town is better, that's the place to be."
"Oh look, Sally is over there, but I also see Isabella out with Chad! Well, well, well. I know what this calls for. Something special."

if skip:
"Oh yes, I know just what this calls for. I whip out my trust guillotine and cut off my own head Marie Anntoinette style. That -ALWAYS- gets the ladies."
"Unfortunately, you can only do that trick once." # this is a looney toons reference. <- this is an unnecessary explanation. <-- This is an even more unnecessary explanation <---- This is now a running gag.

pl "This is a job for SUPERLOVER!"
pl "I put on my special underpants and my cape that was totally NOT made by my mother, lemme tell ya."
pl "Now to leap over there and create sexy times!"
sal "But wait! I will help!"
isa "I am falling for your sexy times! It's amazing how well that worked! Where is the guillotine from the skip text? I now wish to behead Chad, in very exact grammar."
"Flirt with Sally":
"Sally your eyes are like pools of relfective lenses allowing visual sensory information to be transmitted to your brain."
sal "You're so romantic!"
"Tell Sally it's a bad idea":
"Sally, this is a bad idea."
sal "That was terribly literal."
"Yes, I'm finding literal things funny tonight."
"Tell Sally you think you'd rather focus on her than Isabella" if PSally >=45: #Does this work? Basically, my idea is to have a menu option that only shows up if you're actually on Sally's path.
pl "Let's run away together."
sal "No, let's run away separately, but end up at the same place."
pl "Awkward, but fine."

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Re: "Outtakes" texts

Post by MrEnvy8 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:38 pm

So yeah, now you all see the kind of crap I make Jack put up with while I'm working out how I want to write a scene. ^_^ You can see a few pieces where I'm thinking out loud (Or as out loud as text gets)

Obviously when the game actually releases the text will be completely different... that typo will be gone.

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Re: "Outtakes" texts

Post by jack1974 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:48 pm

Haha yes I just posted it for fun, the final scenes are of very good quality 8)

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