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Console versions

Post by ElsaWhitworth »

Just saw Roommates is available for Switch (and Nicole too apparently) will this be a continuing trend with the more popular games? Also, I'm guessing these are the censored versions as Sony and Nintendo can be tetchy about mature content.
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Re: Console versions

Post by jack1974 »

Yes, though sadly the RPGs are super complex to port, so while we are planning to port them, it will take a very long time :(
So it's like that plain VN, even more recent ones, will be ported sooner, while RPGs might take years. Consider the first game I asked Ratalaika to port was SOTW, and after almost 1 year it's still under testing :lol:

Regarding the content, Switch is actually much more open, so while I cannot guarantee anything, there's the chance that uncensored stuff might appear there. But on the other two consoles I really don't think so!
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