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Re: what I'm working on next

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 12:20 pm
by jack1974
So time for another update! The At Your Feet KS has ended, and I'm making good progress on that game. But at same time, I'm still working on Curse Of Mantras and ToA: An Elven Marriage.
I know is weird, and you might think that working on so many things at once is bad, but it's actually better for my mental health. With PS2 I was always working on a single game, for 10-12 months straight. Now instead I alternate thing based on how I feel that day. If I woke up well rested and full of energy I work on complex coding stuff. Otherwise, I just write storyboard, script, do some small photoshop retouches, etc.
In practice, it's not like I'm working on 3 games and slowing down. I think I can actually get things done faster this (absurd) way :lol:

Also as always I have many people helping me out. There's a surprise game that I might announce next month (or this Summer anyway) with all romance combos :)

Re: what I'm working on next

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:31 am
by jack1974
Another update!
Things are going well with At Your Feet, in practice I have only some CGs missing, but I already have all the story ready. Artist said she's trying to have it all done for end of August :)
And then some good and bad news: good news is that now that burn-out has passed (crossing fingers) I was able to review Summer In Trigue script and preserve the original multi-branching story with some effort. It means that it could be my next game to come out (finally! lol it was announced 4-5 years ago haha).
The bad news is that since I'll be focusing on it, I don't think I can have the Curse Of Mantras beta. But I'll have it later this year. Probably better since I need to release both those yuri games before November/December, the cursed moment of the year. Once both At Your Feet and Summer In Trigue are out, hopefully by October, I'll focus on Curse Of Mantras (I already have enough content for half of the battles, but still need to script / review the tutorials/beginning of the story).

In short the release schedule is looking to be:
Summer In Trigue
At Your Feet
Curse Of Mantras (beta this year, final game next year)