Amber's postmortem and future games

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Re: Amber's postmortem and future games

Post by jack1974 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:28 pm

The complex thing was due to how Ren'py works. The battle is invoked with a call statement, then there's a infinite loop until an ending condition is true. I added to the loop a check for "turns" or other special conditions, which was triggering the cutscenes.
The hard thing was that sometimes if you didn't call all the cutscenes Ren'Py wouldn't know where to "return", so in VN mode where the various cutscenes are skipped I had to add manual code to tell where to go back (to the main plot after that battle ended).
In Queen Of Thieves for example, because there are no such cutscenes, the VN mode was implemented with 5 minutes of work :) but the main problem of SOTW was adding the VN Mode years later, even in Cursed Lands there will be those cutscenes (the social boss battles using social talents) but since I'll test them in VN mode directly, won't be a big problem I think.

That said of course a new framework would be cool to have. Including the changes to the card framework to use it for Undead Lily :wink:

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